What would happen if Calum decided to move up to Open Bodybuilding?

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Calum Von Moger just keeps growing in popularity. What started simply as Arnold 2.0 has turned into what could be the ideal IFBB Classic Physique champion. Setting the standard and bringing popularity to a brand new division at a time when people are begging for more “classic physiques.” But no matter how big the classic physique division gets… it will most likely never take over Open Bodybuilding (or at least take a very long time to do so). So if Calum wanted to take it to the next level and compete against the best in Open Bodybuilding… how would he hold up?

I spoke with pro bodybuilder and good friend to Calum, Frank McGrath, during the shooting of Generation Iron 2. Now that the Mr. Olympia 2017 is even closer I decided to release an extended cut of our interview… where Frank talks about Calum’s genetics, Classic Physique division as a whole, and gives his opinion: can Calum survive in the Open Bodybuilding division? Watch the full interview above.

– Vlad Yudin



  1. King in Classic??
    Bro get real
    His physique is pretty good but calling him King when he wasnt done anything is ridiculous
    He is also too heavy at his weight for classic. There are weight limits.
    He does not have the best build for that


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