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Frankenstein’s monster was made up of the parts of corpses and cadavers, of random men the good doctor was able to scrounge together. Dr. Frankenstein may have been a scientific genius in the tales, but if he had any sense he would’ve gathered some prime body parts from men who put in the work to develop ultimate bodies. Here’s our list of body parts we would’ve snatched up to make up the ultimate form…


Best Back – Ronnie Coleman


None other than the eight time Mr. Olympia himself, Coleman possessed the kind of massive back that dwarfed that of nearly all his fellow competitors. Heavily muscled and well defined, Coleman’s tremendous back was just one of the key factors that kept him on top to win eight straight titles.


Best Arms – Flex Wheeler


Regarded by Arnold Schwarzenegger as being one of the best bodybuilders he had ever seen, Flex Wheeler possessed arms that would give any fellow competitor pause. His biceps, triceps, and forearms were massive and could rival that of any pro competing today.


Best Quads – Tom Platz


We know many of you out there would expect us to go for the obvious pick, none other than the Quadrasorous Branch Warren himself, but we’re throwing a wrench in your plans. Tom Platz had quads of distinction. They don’t call him the “Quadfather” for nothing.


Best Calves – Mike Matarazzo


The late Mike Matarazzo’s calves were the stuff of legends. Though he may not have won any major championships, his physique was still mighty and impressive. Besides his massive arms, his calves were definitely his strong suit.


Chest – Arnold Schwarzenegger


The Austrian Oak is truly one of the greats and his physique was unmatched at the height of his era. His pectoral muscles were amongst his best attributes, having the size and definition you’d expect from a champion.
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