Gabriel Peña Becomes First Strongman To Achieve 500kg Axle Deadlift

Gabriel Peña set a new world record in the Axle deadlift at 500kg.

It is always incredible to see a powerlifter reach new heights and Gabriel Pena did that over the weekend. The strongman recently competed in the 2021 Static Monsters Worldwide competition. This took place on Oct. 23 and Pena put on a show that we have never seen before.

Pena stepped up to the 16.75-inch axle wearing wrist straps, a lifting belt, and knee wraps. He completed a 500kg deadlift, which is a new world record. Pena became the first strongman ever to reach this number and he took to Instagram to celebrate his achievement.



1,100 lbs / 500 kg at Static Monsters Worldwide in Harker Heights, Texas 🔥
(16.75” Axle)

This Deadlift was for you Ricky @rd_strongman_36 . It was a pleasure lifting along with your boy today, and all the other athletes who came out in your honor.
You’d be damn proud.
Rest in power brother.”


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The video shows how much effort this incredible lift actually took. Pena displayed strong technique and shaky legs until locked out and qualified the lift.

Gabriel Pena became the first strongman to accomplish this lift. The axle bar requires a higher grip because of the way the bar is shaped. This makes it a more difficult lift than that with a standard barbell.


This is not the first time that Pena has completed an enormous lift. This was his first record-breaking lift in competition but Pena has showed some impressive lifts in the gym. In June, Pena displayed a deadlift of 408.2kg (900lb) for a triple. He has completed a partial deadlift of 481kg (1,005lb) using an axle bar back in January.

This is not territory where many strongmen has gone. Anthony Pernice currently holds the world record for partial deadlift at 550kg (1,212.5lb). Eddie Hall and Mark Felix are other names that have made a living completing huge deadlifts. Pena has to be in the conversation now that he has completed a world record of his own.

Gabriel Pena was an alternate for the 2021 World’s Strongest Man competition. This year, he looks like he has a chance to compete with some of the other top competitors in the world. Confidence should be sky-high after a lift of this caliber and Pena will only continue to improve.

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