The Ultimate Gauntlet To Test If You Are A True Master Of Fitness

3 No-Equipment Workouts

Don’t get your feelings hurt…

Warning: If you’re a generally fit guy you shouldn’t read this. This is not for the “generally fit” – this is for the guy who cares more about results than how he looks in the mirror. Dare we say this might be better suited for the guy who’s not fit at all. Sure he’s not in great physical shape but he doesn’t have an ego and may actually learn from where he falls short.

The problem is with middle men, and that’s probably most of you guys, is that the ego puts in some work but not enough to take you where you really want to go. To the next level of true physical mastery. Well you can fool your girlfriend with your half -ass six pack but you can’t fool us. We’ve got a gauntlet that is meant to be a test of who is truly a master of strength and fitness. Looking to go through the gauntlet and test your abilities? Here’s the 4 challenge you’ll need to complete.

Generation Iron Bodybuilder Sprint

Meter Murder

The first step in our fitness gauntlet might make you curse us… but you’re going to thank us in the end for this one. You’re going to need a stopwatch and a track. Set your stopwatch to 1 min and then run 10 meters, rest for the remaining time. Do this again but this time run for 20 meters and then rest for the remaining time. Keep doing this until you can no longer beat the clock or until you get up to 200 meters. Good luck.

Death by Burpee

Step two of the fitness gauntlet. As much as we love to poke fun at the crossfit world there’s one thing that they’ve incorporated right, and that’s the burpee. The burpee is pretty much a pushup that ends with a vertical jump. Quickly go from standing to a pushup position, do one rep and then stand up, as soon as you get to your feet – jump vertically as high as you can, when you land repeat.

Try to do 100 of these in the fastest time possible. Many of you won’t be able to get to a hundred, that’s okay. As soon as you do get there the next step is to go for time. If you can beat your previous time each week then you’re doing it right.

One Minute Sprint

Now it’s time for step three of the fitness gauntlet. One minute doesn’t sound like a longtime but trust us, when you’re giving it everything that you’ve got those 60 seconds feel like hell. Get on a bike machine and try to lose as many calories as possible within the time limit. 45 is the average so if you’re higher then you’re taking care of business if not, you’re slacking.

 2,000 Meter Rowing Machine

An oldie but a goodie, the rowing machine is probably one of the most complete exercise machines out there. The ultimate in man versus machine, this workout is bitter in tasted but sweet in victory. Set the rowing machine to 2,000 meters go as hard as you can until you get there. The goal is under 7 minutes but that just a guideline, don’t be discouraged if you don’t get there the first time, the rower is a wake up call for most weekend warriors.

So now that we’ve posed the challenge to you, what are you going to do with it? Try it out and let us know.

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