Generation Iron Announces Its Own First Ever Bodybuilding Competition

Don’t miss the Brasilian bodybuilding competition, ‘Generation Iron Show,’  on August 18th! 

We are proud to announce our first bodybuilding show. It was not in our plans for 2018 but when we first arrived in Brazil we notice the need of a show that would restore Brazilian faith into bodybuilding. After the federations break up, we saw the opportunity in a new ground to “make bodybuilding great again.” 

A Generation Iron Show. It’s a way that our company show the real meaning of ‘The Movement” in bodybuilding… the opportunity to discover new athletes that really embrace this lifestyle and will push the sport forward.

None of this would be possible, if we didn’t have this particular promoter: Fernando Noronha Maradona. He has been involved in bodybuilding for a long time, not only in promotion but also as an athlete. Maradona lived the struggle of the sport the before the federation split and now want to make a real difference in bodybuilding worldwide – all starting in Brasil.

The Generation Iron Brasil website will provide all contest coverage – which will all be going down on August 18th, 2018 in Belo Horizonte City. Make sure to check out GI Brasil for all things the ‘Generation Iron Show’ that weekend. 

And make sure to stick around the Generation Iron Fitness Network for more updates as we continue to expand into bodybuilding coverage, original digital series & movies, and bodybuilding events.

For more information about the contest, make sure to visit the official website right here.

Generation Iron Show Bodybuilding Competition

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