Generation Iron Network Acquires Strength Wars

Biggest Online Strength Competition – “Strength Wars” becomes part of the Generation Iron Media Network including an upcoming feature film.

Generation Iron Network has officially acquired Strength Wars, the widely popular digital brand, competition show and clothing line with over 1.1 million active YouTube subscribers.

Known as the popular digital series that pits two muscle and strength athletes from different sports like Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Cross Fit against each other, by competing in a collection of strength exercises to determine an ultimate winner.

While the Strength Wars competition has a foothold in Europe, Generation Iron plans on bringing the competition and brand stateside while also including the previous seasons into it’s original series catalogue. In collaboration with its international publishing franchises, Generation Iron expects to expand Strength Wars across the globe as the premiere strength entertainment competition to millions of viewers across its networks.

Generation Iron Network has also announced that as part of the acquisition, production will begin on a feature film Strength Wars documentary. While still in early development, the film will revolve around a Strength Wars tournament pitting multiple athletes against each other in knockout rounds building up to the ultimate champion. Cameras will follow the individual lives of each athlete as they strive to become the strongest man in the tournament. The film currently has a tentative release slated of 2020. The founder, Konrad Wolff will continue to be a consultant for and working closely with the media brand.

“Strength Wars is a great brand that seamlessly works well with our network and our existing audience. They’ve done a great job in focusing on the market that they cater to and excel in. Expect to see previous seasons of the Strength Wars catalogue appear on the, very soon.”

– said Generation Iron Network’s Co-founder Edwin Mejia Jr.

More updates on the feature films and an eventual new season of Strength Wars are incoming – so stick around Generation Iron Fitness Network for more news and updates in the coming months. For more information email: [email protected]

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