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There’s been a lot of shake ups lately in the bodybuilding industry with new divisions and new leagues popping up in 2015 and beyond. But when an average fan thinks of the bodybuilding world two major organizations come to mind: the IFBB and the NPC. They have been a staple of competitions almost as long as bodybuilding existed. So that might be an over exaggeration – but you get the point. The these two organizations are deeply embedded in the industry.

That’s why we’re proud that the Generation Iron Fitness Network is affiliated with these legendary and long running organizations. The amount that bodybuilding has grown over the years is in no small part to long lasting traditions of the IFBB and NPC. For every major competition and bodybuilding event – you can be sure that Generation Iron will be there to report or create brand new entertaining video content so that you, the fans, can feel passionately apart of the bodybuilding world – no matter where you live.

Generation Iron Mr. Olympia 2015

For more information on NPC events and news – make sure to hit up their official NPC News Online website.

You can also get some great insight into the IFBB by visiting their official website.

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