George Farah paints a very likely picture that Kai Greene will return to competitive bodybuilding in 2020 or 2021.


As every year, there’s been rumors flying around that Kai Greene has an opportunity to compete at the Olympia 2020. Of course, Kai has been very quiet about whether or not he’ll make a return this year. He might not ever return again for all we know. Kai Greene rarely keeps things straight to the point – and he has always been mum on talk of a comeback.

But suddenly, like magic, we have the most solid evidence that Kai might actually return to compete after all. In King Kamali’s part two interview with George Farah, he asks directly – will Kai Greene return. Instead of dancing around the question, Farah keeps give a direct answer. King Kamila’s interview covers a lot of topics, but this one stands out as the most revelatory (you can check it out starting at 14:59).

“You know what? I’m going to tell you almost 90%… Kai is going to come back if not this year definitely next year,” George Farah states to Kamali. “He’s is itching. He’s itching not necessarily to just come and play, he wants to come and win. He wants to dominate.”

While this is not a complete confirmation, it’s the most direct news about a potential return for Kai than we’ve ever received. As you all know, George Farah still works with Kai Greene. So his confirmation of even “90%” as he puts it – is more valuable than any other rumor floating around out there.

Of course, there’s no guarantee that Farah is talking about the Olympia specifically. King Kamali follows up by asking if it will be a comeback to Olympia or perhaps the Athleticon. The Athleticon is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s big bodybuilding event and IFBB pro show now coming to fruition in 2021.

Farah states that they had not received any invitation from the Athleticon… but more interestingly, he goes on to state that Kai Greene has big ideas in mind. He makes mention of potentially a pay per view event and something brewing with Phil Heath. So maybe it won’t be the Olympia or the Athleticon. Maybe it will be something else entirely. It might not be the kind of news fans want. But it’s certainly something.

There’s a whole lot more covered in this Part 2 interview between King Kamali and George Farah – including a very entertaining lightening round of questions that is not something you should miss.

You can check out the full Part 2 King’s World interview with George Farah above.

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