Kai Greene Receives Invite to 2020 Olympia, But Will He Compete?

Sources confirm Kai Greene receives special invitation to Mr Olympia 2020 but will he compete?

Reps for Kai Greene have confirmed that Kai has been approached by Olympia Promoters to participate in Mr Olympia 2020. Mr Olympia is known across the world as the number 1 bodybuilding event and the Super Bowl of bodybuilding. It’s where Arnold Schwarzenegger won the coveted prize 8 times and many faces such as Ronnie Coleman, Dorian Yates have been victorious.

Throughout the years, we have all come to love Kai Greene since his breakout appearance and massive mainstream cred from starring in Generation Iron which opened top 5 highest grossing documentary at the Box office at the end of 2013. According to the Huffington Post, his role in Generation Iron alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger was listed as #1 of the top ten greatest memories of 2013.

Kai Greene has entertained fans for years. His star has continued to shine outside of bodybuilding with appearances in the Netflix hit show Stranger Things, movies like Generation Iron 2, Generation Iron 3 on Netflix and his 2019 Superbowl appearance alongside Gary Vaynerchuk. The Brooklyn born bodybuilder rose to stardom due to his underdog story, his resilience to be the best bodybuilder and his ability to entertain the masses on the bodybuilding stage.

Win or lose, Kai Greene on a bodybuilding stage is entertaining for the world. And what the world really wants to see is Kai Greene vs Phil Heath. Generation Iron has recently been made aware that Kai Greene has in fact received a special invitation from Olympia promoters. With dates being pushed back, shows being cancelled and Covid-19 creating an emptiness in bodybuilding like no other, events like Mr Olympia need Kai Greene to step back on stage.

The last thing the Mr Olympia Show wants is for Kai Greene to go away and lose the electricity, noise and greatness he brings to the bodybuilding stage. The packed shows of Phil Heath and Kai Greene seem like a time of the past. However, getting the numbers to work and the right opportunity presented to Kai continues to be Olympia’s problem year after year.

Popularity continues to reshape sporting events. And we’ve seen it with the rise of popular YouTubers like Logan Paul fighting in the ring via streaming platforms like Dazn and with Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor. The point is, promoters must give fans what they want. And that involves making the event worthwhile for Kai Greene and Phil Heath.

Kai Greene is simply not going to turn down all of his opportunities he’s spent building the past four years in the entertainment space to invest 6-8 months of his life to train for Mr Olympia without a viable offer and proposal from Olympia promoters.  The question anyone on Kai’s corner would have is, what will the Olympia do for him? What is the marketing plan? What will be the media involved for the event? What opportunities are being offered to him and the athletes outside of press day at the Olympia?

As long as there is no clear offer or agenda presented by the Olympia promoters, it is safe to say we will not see Kai Greene on the Olympia stage this year.

Kai Greene continues to plot his next move and that continues to be away from the Olympia stage.

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