Logan Paul discusses in detail his upcoming boxing match with KSI and how it’s showmanship that will save boxing over actual skill.

This Friday on November 9th, Logan Paul will be facing off against fellow YouTuber KSI in an epic boxing match that has been going viral across the internet for months now. This fight will be a rematch after they boxed in the ring in 2018.

Generation Iron’s Vlad Yudin sat down with YouTuber Logan Paul to discuss a variety of topics as he prepares for the big match this Friday. In Part 2 of our interview, Logan and Vlad discuss the current state of boxing, Mayweather vs McGregor, and how entertainers with showmanship are saving the sport of boxing rather than pure skill.

Entertainment or celebrity boxing matches have been quite controversial over the past few years – mostly coming to a head when Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor actually pulled off an epic crossover boxing match after over a year of teases and hype. Some believe that it takes the integrity out of the sport – but the viewership numbers don’t lie showcasing a massive influx of viewers for one of the most viewed boxing matches in the history of the sport.

As the way we consume media changes so too must the expectations of sports change. While some may find it hard to swallow – it seems to be the true future and Logan Paul’s match against KSI is yet another notch in the ever increasing spectacle of “specialty” entertainment boxing matches.

But we can’t ignore skill entirely. As Logan Paul points out – both himself and KSI are actually well trained in the sport of boxing and have fighting experience. And while some may not consider Conor McGegor to be the best fighter in the world – he is still certainly good. Perhaps all it takes is incredible showmanship combined with a great, if not perfect, skillset to truly excite the fans and bring in an audience.

So beyond the spectacle – who will ultimately have more skill to defeat the other in Logan Paul vs KSI? Whatever the outcome is – Logan is convinced this will “never happen again in the history of the internet.” When will you ever see two internet celebrities who also have a background in boxing willing to potentially kill themselves in the ring? Logan argues never again – but these past few years might suggest otherwise.

Check out Part 2 of our interview with Logan Paul above and make sure to check back at part 1 right here to catch up!

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