George Farah: How To Travel Before A Competition Without Ruining Your Physique

Traveling takes away from a normal bodybuilding routine. Here’s how to avoid ruining your physique.

While a bodybuilder might first compete in their local state pro shows, eventually all pro bodybuilders must travel to compete. This presents an interesting challenge. Competition prep is a very delicate and specific time for pro bodybuilders. Traveling can disrupt that routine. So how do pro bodybuilders prevent ruining their physique while traveling to a pro show? In our latest GI Exclusive, George Farah explains how to properly travel without ruining your bodybuilding physique.

At some point or another, a successful bodybuilder will have to jump onto a plane to compete at a major pro show. It might be the New York Pro, Chicago Pro, Arnold Classic, or Olympia. In either case, long term travel will be involved. How do bodybuilders successfully travel so close to a competition without disrupting their prep diet and training?

We asked this very question to legendary bodybuilding coach and guru George Farah. His advice, while aimed at competitive bodybuilders, can also be very insightful for anyone looking to travel living a bodybuilding lifestyle. A massive and shredded physique requires a very strict diet and training. That goes out the window when you’re stuck on a plane for six-twelve hours being fed airline food. It’s never perfect – but George Farah has key tips to keep you on point.

While it may seem the biggest challenge is not getting the proper diet, the truth is that water weight is your biggest enemy while traveling. This is due to staying still for so long in one place sitting up. Whether it’s a car, a plane, or a train – sitting still for so long will cause your body to look “soft” due to water weight. That’s why George Farah stresses the importance of getting up and walking every 45 minutes of traveling.


It’s essential to getting blood flowing and preventing your water weight from going out of whack. In addition to this, if you are going to a show or someplace to showcase your physique – make sure to arrive 48 hours beforehand. This give you extra time to adjust once you land if anythings starts to look off.

It should also be noted that George Farah’s walking advice is a great tip for anyone traveling long distance – not just bodybuilders. Taking some time to stretch and walk every 45 minutes helps prevent the possibility of blood clots. While rare – if this does form it can eventually dislodge and flow to vital organs such as your heart. That can ultimately cause serious damage.

So George Farah’s advice is powerful on two fronts. It helps maintain your physique while traveling and also can help prevent blood clots. It’s a win/win situation. So make sure to take Farah’s advice seriously. It may sound simple and ineffective – it can actually make a big difference.

You can watch George Farah go into more detail about the key rules of traveling without ruining your physique in our latest GI Exclusive interview above!