George Peterson on Breon Ansley: “I think he’s going to run into the same issue I ran into.”

George Peterson is a bodybuilder who started the second phase of his career as a Classic Physique competitor. He eventually moved up to Men’s 212. After the past two years of the Classic Physique Olympia – many fans have wondered whether or not Breon Ansley would move up to Men’s 212. He’s even mused about it himself. In our latest GI Exclusive, George Peterson shares his thoughts on whether or not Breon Ansley should stay in Classic Physique or move up to Men’s 212.

George Peterson is a bodybuilder who isn’t going to tell another competitor what to do. But he does foresee a future where Breon Ansley moves up to Men’s 212. The reason? He sees the same issue rising in Breon’s career that happened to George himself. George had already explained to us why he moved up to Men’s 212. The short version is that his genetics and aesthetic build was far too limited at the weight limit for his height.

George Peterson is now seeing the same early struggles in Breon Ansley. He is an extremely talented bodybuilder with an incredible physique. But he lost the Classic Physique in 2019 and dropped a place lower down to third in 2020. George sees this as early warning signs. It’s nothing Breon is doing wrong – he’s simply maxed out at the weight the class allows for him.

That’s why George Peterson believes that it’s not a matter of if but when will Breon Ansley decide to move up to Men’s 212. Each athlete needs to decide for themselves. And that’s not to say that Breon cannot win again at the Classic Physique Olympia. It simply means that Breon is at a crossroads.

George thinks that perhaps Men’s 212 is the more successful path. Perhaps he’s wrong. Perhaps the growing opinion that Breon should move up is wrong. Maybe he just needs more time to come back fiercer than ever in Classic Physique.

Towards the end of the interview, we also asked George Peterson whether he would be worried if Breon Ansley moved into his division. George isn’t worried at all. This isn’t just from a cocky perspective. George believes that Breon’s skill will only push George to train harder. The better the competition, the better George believes he can become. He welcomes it. Perhaps he’ll get his wish in the coming years. Only time will tell.

You can watch George Peterson break down his full thoughts on Breon Ansley and the potential to move up to Men’s 212 in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above.

Derek Dufour
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