LuiMarco responds on trolling Phil Heath… and how Phil Heath trolled back.

The Mr. Olympia 2017 was one hell of a show with plenty of controversy. Of course, every year that Phil Heath wins is met with criticism by fans who want something new… but this year seemed to be the most intense yet. Many legitimately believed he should have lost. That Big Ramy was far better than Phil and that the judges didn’t want to take away the streak from “The Gift.”

One such person is LuiMarco – someone who is not afraid to be blunt and honest about his thoughts on Phil, Big Ramy, and the Olympia results. But much like this year’s Olympia, this time LuiMarco’s posts became very controversial and immediately went viral. To the point where Phil Heath himself created a video calling LuiMarco out. The whole thing went out of control to say the least. That’s why we wanted to clear the air by talking to LuiMarco directly and see his thoughts on everything that has transpired since Phil’s fateful win at the Olympia 2017. Check out the full interview above!

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  2. Luimarco is a little troll him and his army of trolls knows nothing about bodybuilding, the only thing they are good for is photoshopping bodybuilders and making catch phrases like bubble gut, this is one of the negatives of social media, every dumbass in their basement now has a voice.

    • I think the ifbb is more concerned with running a buisness than being true to the sport. All things aside they probably dont want a islamic guy who can hardly speak english being the face of thier organization. Im willing to bet when ramy improves his roots in the western world he can earn the title.

  3. Lui if you know so much then why aren’t you a top Mr olympia. It’s so easy to bitch about people but until u live the same life put the same amount of sacrifice and time into the gym and diets etc and want to become Mr olympia or even be Mr olympia. You have zero right to bitch. I will say I thought rammy had it this year I did. But yes Phil got it but what you trolls don’t get is this. Phil does not choose the winner n loser. The judges do so if anyone wants to bitch the blast the judges not the bodybuilders.

    • Coaches that have played ball they know what it takes to get to the top or be the best that’s why they are great because they ve already bled and sacrificed some still play or train with the people which I think inspires the younger generation. Lead by example. Respect

    • You don’t have to participate in the sport to be an analyzer of the sport. Look at most baseball analyst, the never played pro ball but their opinions have a following. Lui has his own opinions and if they don’t mean jack then why did Phil comment about it during his victory walk on Instagram. I have seen distended guts for the last two decades in bodybuilding. It’s not going to change. Arnold tried to change the sport with his speech but it only changed the judging for the Arnold Classic.

  4. Why don’t people understand on a back double bicep pose you have to lean back and this causes the stomach to stick out no one can see your front side so why worry about it in that pose smh listening to some “YouTube expert” yet never competed himself

  5. I agree with lui Phil was off this year ramy should of won . You can’t have the best in the world have a massive belly Phil from last year or 2011 was amazing. Ramy you were the true winner this year.

  6. Phil had a bubble gut the last year Kai Greene competed , my problem is they will judge everyone else differently than Phil like say if Kai came in with a bubble gut that would b the reason he lost but with Phil they pretend it doesn’t exist , this show lost credibility a long time ago they just going keep giving it to Phil

    • Brian, pretty much EVERY bodybuilder on the planet has “bubble gut” every single year at the Olympia.

      The only reason you may not see it more is because in competitions their stomachs are almost always controlled(sucking it in).

    • Bonac had no gut, so your point is lost Jim. Brian I agree with you, the last time Kai competed at the O he lost to Phil because of his gut, but this year, that rule didn’t apply to Phil. Politics and bullshit though, coming from someone who has been in the back room of the industry and has seen the crooked shit that goes down first hand.

  7. Lui is a fucking douche, just stick to properly opening cans of soda and energy drinks but claims that a bloated belly doesn’t represent fitness well???? You’re constantly consuming energy drinkings that have gave kids health problems. Dudes a moron and a complete asshole to the athletes.

  8. You need to please judges to win and not fans. Winning is all on stage. Those who compete knows very well that we prepare best for poses to impact judges on the so called poses. Give a best shot when pose is called coz that’s only when judges pick up there pens

  9. I don’t get why anyone gives any attention to Lui. The guy doesn’t contribute anything to bodybuilding. All he does is stay at home and make videos. Has the guy ever competed or even been to the Arnold or Olympia? Why does anyone listen to this guy? Lol. He doesn’t know bodybuilding.

  10. The guy is right why cant you ass licking Phil fans not see his midsection was horrendous. It aint no lie we all saw it with our own eyes. Mr Olympia is meant to be the best built man on the planet right??? Well looking at Phils gut i wouldnt say hes the best built man on the planet not even close. Now watching the Classic guys that is how a bodybuilder is meant to look.

    • You are an old retarded man like lui . Both of you need to understand that classic physique competitors will always look aesthetic but never get confused with open bodybuilding where its all about shear mass and conditioning so gut is common to a guy who weighs more than 120kg with an average height of 5’10 . They are not called as well built men but as freaks. Hey old man this is a freak bodybuilding show if you love aesthetics be a fan of classic and physique competitors . In my opinion gut is a common factor where it cannot be controlled in open bodybuilding era or mass monster era . if you be a serious bodybuilder then you wouldn’t have talked shit because you will know the difficulty in bringing up the mass and the quality in same time eventually you will face gut problems . it is your choice to be lean as dog or be big as bull keep yourself educated before commenting bad about any athletes and do know that all kind of bodybuilding athletes sacrifice their health and pleasure time to make history unlike someone sitting at home . Since you ar an old man i don’t want to abuse you and hurt you verbally I shared my opinion generally to all type of morons .

  11. Lui is correct .A bubble guts looks awful and shouldn’t be allowed in the sport .Phil parts are impressive but a bubble guts looks disgraceful .Plus after giving a speech at Mr O .Then goes on social media as gets on like pussy .All guys are afraid too say he looking pregnant .Even Mr Shawn Ray who’s tell it as it is .Phil is a big pussy and cry baby .Wa that pregnancy .On record no beats Phil if he’s not pregnant .HE UNSTOPPABLE

  12. Luimarco wasn’t the only guy talking. Phil just centered on him. Even the commentator on Flex remarked about Phil’s gut on the first night. So it’s a fact and Phil doesn’t like it. And Phil knows that this years is as good as he can get.

  13. I don’t know who this Lui cat is, and I don’t honestly care. He’s telling the truth. You don’t have to be onstage to have an opinion, especially one that’s been shared by most others who follow this sport. Phil’s gut detracts from his physique, end of story, and I like Phil. I think Big Ramy lost from the back, so really, I can’t say either of them deserve to be called champ.

  14. Never heard of this LuiWhatever guy ad I think he is using this controversy to get famous. He looks like a skinny version of Mark Wahlberg.

    IMHO I like the Ronnie Coleman thru Phil Health era. 70s and 80s is the so-called the Golden Era but I don’t think it was. This guy says over and over that IFBB pros are supposed to represent fitness, bodybuilding has little to do with fitness. They represent big and strong, a skinny waist does not happen on strength athletes. Guys today are squatting 600-800 pounds to build muscle, Arnold was squatting 315 to build his mediocre legs and weak midsection.

    If you wanna see skinny waist lines watch the classic Olypmia, I wanna see 280 pound mass monsters. Normal is boring, and this guy does not represent every fan of bodybuilding!

  15. Lui marco likes to ride ramis little dck. He always talks shit about American bodybuilders specially Dexter Jackson. And for his information, I did criticise Phil last year because I think he is not better than dex and Rhoden again this is my opinion and there are a lot of people that agree wt me. Generation Iron. Fk the LUI

  16. To compare the eras is like comparing apples to oranges if you like mass monsters then you have bloated guts but the main difference is in the Golden Era these competitors could pose and control their abdominals while on the stage

  17. Luimarco watches shows from his keyboard monitor never attends shows or even expos so his views are only from a 2D perspective. Why can’t people understand this. His views are invalid and should never be taken seriously.

  18. NOONE CARES what this skinny 140 lbs soaken wet little girl says about a sport he’s never even competed in……. my little sister has a better physique than this guy. And he actually says stuff like ( my fans, my following, my supplement brand ). You don’t have any fans Lui, you don’t have a following….

  19. Guys you got a remember it’s the overall package that they bring on stage that makes them the winner over all package the judges are looking at so Phil Heath came onstage with the best physique beating the competition that’s why he’s the 2017 Mr. Olympia I don’t give a flying fuck about a bubble gut

  20. I can’t believe that Generation Iron would give this internet basement troll a platform to criticise professional athletes. A few pix of Phil inhaling or out of breath from posing at the Olympia and this nobody luigimarco sitting in his mom’s basement has the audacity to call him bubble gut?!
    At the same time I also can’t understand why Phil acknowledges this troll by getting into debate with him. The only thing he accomplished is increase his troll subscribers.

  21. I use to like luimarco now hes just carbadge and salty af that his ramy didint win… making 5-6videos within the next 2 days after the olympia abt how “ramys got robbed”, abt bubble gut signing his faggot song, trying to diss phil and everything… judges made there decision and ramy lost so get over it. Making 5 videos on how your not happy wirh the resulta wont chabge anything other then being a douch.

  22. Lui is tied in with half of the top athletes in the world as far as bodybuilding. He knows his shit. Phils muscle quality is good yes. But his physique and midsection are way too extended. It’s one thing to be bloated. And another to control your breathing on stage. And for fucks sake. It’s the Olympia. Your breathing should be controlled

  23. I absolutely agree with lui as he said that abs is the central part of the physique so it needs to be in a very good shape as it wasn’t that of phil’s. Phil never deserved this year’s olympia title because that bubble gut clearly showed it but he was still crowned just beacause he was the winner of the last six years i mean that this year should have been taken completely as a new year for bodybuilding because the war was tough.

  24. I dunno why people are talking as if the GH gut is a new thing or is dismissible. The gut has plagued bodybuilding since the 90s when mass monsters hit the scene post Dorian Yates reign aka first mass monster. Not only does it look bad, but pro bodybuilding isn’t even healthy anymore. The pros are dropping like flies with either premature death or illness directly tied to excessive consumption of PEDs. When old school guys like Arnie, Ferrigno, Robinson, and Zane are outlasting guys like Nasser, Wheeler, Munzer, Matarazzo, Demayo, Prince, you know there is a serious problem. Look up Palumboism, that is where these guys are headed if they keep it up. My respects to the pros as it takes a crazy amount of dedication and hard work, but I agree with Arnie and others that the gut has to go and pro bodybuilding return to its glory days of physiques that looked like they were chiseled out of marble and the guys were actually healthy.

  25. You are an ass hole do u even lift ass hole… U don,t k know nothing about body building to be like this huge u have to eat like animals and u have to be like a animal…. They are on another level… Why dont u make yourself like them without any bubble gut then i will appreciate u… Unless then u r an asshole who know nothing else but to critisize others hardwork and strugle…. My middle fingure salutes u by the way

  26. Regardless of what Lui said I think Phil let himself down by responding in the way he did and the language he used. One minute he articulate at the Olympia and in the next he’s speaking like a childish teenager. He’s a champion at the top of his game and no one can take that from him. Also opinions count for nothing especially now in the world of social media!

  27. Just for the record. I compete as a all natural bodybuilder at 145 Bantam class. I’m considered a heavy competitor for my class which means I come in weight but my size is thicker than the other guys. That being said it will cause me to have more gut and wider hip lines on some poses because of it. It happens to every competitor in any class. I’m not comparing my self to them but it does effect the out come more so to others. While health had stomach issues but Ramsey was sloppy on his big scoring posses which is the rear double bi and rear let spread. Truth at is why he lost. Phil health masters the big posses and why to this day he wins. Because he makes up his points on though posses. Ramesy to this day is still struggling to be clean in his transitions. But he was better than last year by a bunch. But every body on certain posses like the rear double bi your stomach will exceed out due to having to tilt back to present you back properly. And on my picture I have a gut and still took first.

  28. Why do people think you have to be a BB or elite competitor to know anything or have an opinion about it. Take NASCAR, more so than not every fan and commentator has never raced yet the way you guys talk they shouldn’t have an opinion. Fact is Heath had a nasty gut this year. Moreso his whining ranting antics in his IG live dictates his old school non use of social media claim. I could really give two shits who wins the Olympia although I have been involved in bb for years and have been on stage. I don’t personally like distended guts at all and he’s right Phil is not the only one to have one in the past or this year but win idk it’s all subjective anyways. Can’t take away his past victories but his cry baby antics on IG made me lose all respect. A true champion, a legend doesn’t even take in a lessees critiques unless he knows they are on to something imo

  29. Lui … Can you let go mate, It’s the rigged jury who made him the champ, not Phil himself… Stop stretching the topic.. let’s move on.. Big Ramy himself is relaxed about this now… Looking forward #ArnoldClassics

  30. First off who the Hell is LuiMarco has he ever completed or is he just another shit talker like the rest of the over opinionated people who have never stepped on stage or if they have at the IFBB level chances are not! Ramy is huge but he’s not the gift simple as that Phil has it all symmetrical round full and conditioned! This is my opinion and for whatever it worth Phil is the King and to beat the King you have to be better not as good everyone knows this but the haters….

  31. I can understand people feeling let down ( even if they don’t compete )
    People hold the athletes they follow and admire to a standard right or wrong.
    If those athletes appear to be ‘cheating’ fans feel cheated … athletes thank people for their support and blah blah blah but to maintain that support, cheating can not be seen to be happening.
    It is the same with any sport following. Yes steroid use is allowed and yes it has side effects. But athletes can not be seen to let the fans down and then get all defensive about the criticism they receive. If they feel
    they have acted within the letter of the rules then just shut up and accept that you will lose fans and or cop some criticism.
    Stop the wah wah wah … compete clean if you want to be loved for the hard work this sport so clearly takes ( these guys do work super hard ) and lay off the chemical
    It just seems that simple to

  32. Oh, my, God Becky, look at his gut
    It is so big, he looks like
    One of those rap guys’ girlfriends pregnant, I mean, his gut is just so big
    I can’t believe it’s just so round, it’s like out there..
    I like big guts and I can not lie
    You other girls can’t deny
    That when a man walks in with an itty bitty waist
    And a round gut in your face
    You get sprung, want to pull up tough I’m hooked and I can’t stop staring Oh baby, I want to get wit’cha And take your picture

  33. Luimarco is a dickhead who doesnot know shit about bodybuilding, he was framing kai greene as mr olympia and after some months he was like oh kai shouldnot win, he has no traps, now he catches up with ramy, simple as that.


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