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LuiMarco responds on trolling Phil Heath… and how Phil Heath trolled back.

The Mr. Olympia 2017 was one hell of a show with plenty of controversy. Of course, every year that Phil Heath wins is met with criticism by fans who want something new… but this year seemed to be the most intense yet. Many legitimately believed he should have lost. That Big Ramy was far better than Phil and that the judges didn’t want to take away the streak from “The Gift.”

One such person is LuiMarco – someone who is not afraid to be blunt and honest about his thoughts on Phil, Big Ramy, and the Olympia results. But much like this year’s Olympia, this time LuiMarco’s posts became very controversial and immediately went viral. To the point where Phil Heath himself created a video calling LuiMarco out. The whole thing went out of control to say the least. That’s why we wanted to clear the air by talking to LuiMarco directly and see his thoughts on everything that has transpired since Phil’s fateful win at the Olympia 2017. Check out the full interview above!

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