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Too many competitors undervalue the skill behind posing.



As we approach the Arnold Classic 2016, we have to major things on our mind – Kai Greene and the new scoring system that ranks posing. Two major shake ups that can cause some major changes in the results… and may even lead to bigger changes in the IFBB’s future. Well, this week we have both major topics all in one podcast. Kai Greene opens up about his thoughts on the upcoming Arnold Classic and what the new scoring of posing means for not only this major competition but the future of the way IFBB competitions are scored in general.

Kai also digs deep about the very often misunderstood stance on posing in general. It may seem like a simple task but there is a wide gap between how an amateur poses in his first few years of competing and the experience and skill behind top pro posing routines. Are today’s newly appointed pros heading into major competitions with not enough posing experience? Kai Greene and Krystal hash it out in the latest episode. Listen to it above.

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