GI Russia Exclusive: Big Report at the 2019 Siberian Power Show


these five important aspects of the SIBERIAN POWER SHOW are discussed below. Each block is divided by photographs.


We have a good habit of taking pictures of the crowd from the stage. To be fair, it’s not our innovation, it’s often practiced both at Mr. Olympia and at Arnold Classic.

Arnold Schwarzenegger once declared that he appreciates crowd photos. We aren’t used to looking at bodybuilding this way, and from this angle it’s actually different: more sensual and theatrical.

Usually these pictures turn out to be the best from the tournament to the envy of our colleagues. We, of course, mean envy in a good way, because our colleagues are always ready to support us. It was the photos of the scene that both won many awards and were published on the National Geographic website. Moreover, we tried to make videos of the athletes’ performances on the stage not just in Full HD, but also in 4K format, and we will definitely ask Vlad Yudin to include these shots in one of his films about bodybuilding.

How was attendance, you ask? Attendance at events is an acute issue in Russian bodybuilding, and on the photo below, which was taken from the stage, it is clearly seen that the hall is almost completely packed. There were some empty seats, but less than any other Russian tournament.


Russian bodybuilding needs battles: Lesukov VS Kodzoev, Shelestov VS Shabunya, Vishnevsky VS Samokhin, Kagramanyan VS El Emam – this is what attracts the interest of audience and remains in history. And the Siberian Power Show 2019 will remain forever in the history of Russian bodybuilding as a fascinating confrontation between Ashot and Mohammed, with a very unexpected denouement. Frankly speaking, until the last moment I was sure that Mohammed would still win. He was brought directly to the tournament, was unrealistically large, even his tan application was better. At the same time, Ashot was the only one who did not flow on the stage, but, looking at him, I, as a spectator, could not forgive him for the fact that he could have shown an even better quality. But when he started to pose, it was impossible to take your eyes off him, and to make quality without even being at his peak at the tournament, is another superpower of this hero of Russian bodybuilding.

There is, however, a darker side of it: when we focus on the battles, athletes, starting with the third place, slightly fade into the background. Honestly, before the tournament I knew and said that Daler Ismatov would place third. But something tells me that both Mohammed and Daler will give us a reason to be proud of our bodybuilding on the professional stage.

There are tournaments in which crowning one champion is near impossible. It would be amazing if there were two champions, especially considering that there is such a practice in official tournaments: for example, in the Russian Championship, when two medals were given for first place in one category to two different athletes.


The organization of the tournament was abysmal – this is exactly what I wanted to write, until I saw the cookies brought to the SPS press council, to please Andrei Popov. But the cookies were eventually brought, so, Andrei, I’m sorry! And now seriously. The concept of the selection of guests, athletes, and partners reminded me of Dmitry Yashankin’s approach at his events in Abrau Durso, then in Konakovo, where all his people gather. As a result, we have a lot of positive impressions, terabytes of good content for the most popular bloggers: Darya Navarrskaya, Mironov, Gusev, Skoromny, Bluda… Just can’t list everyone.

Also, the organization is very similar to the one that is on the Arnold Classic, when one unrealistically important event comes after another, and sometimes one even overlaps another due to their diversity. And a week after the tournament you wake up in a cold sweat of fear, screaming “When is the final?” Vasily Kuznetsov’s job and his pure love for the Arnold Classic are clearly visible.

What is the outcome of all this? Usually, when you come to the gym after that, you hear from the coaches: “Anton, was it really so cool there, as they say?” No. Believe me, it was even cooler.


The most important thing in describing an event where I liked everything was to stay faithful to myself and say what was wrong. Firstly, I would want this event to take place for three days. Two were not enough. Secondly, perhaps, it’s just my topographical cretinism, but it was difficult to find a scene where the final show took place. The path of rose petals, Olga, would be just right. Thirdly, the organizers promised me a room with a bikini girl, and they settled me with Chepurnyak, and since the nights at work were sleepless, I would rather spend them among girls.

Although I am extremely grateful to Alexander Chepurnyak: if it were not for him, I would have been left without a single photo of myself at SPS at all. A luxurious, and most importantly, a comfortable banquet made the things better. Larisa Ulyanova, I was very happy to meet you! Now we’re going to find out whether the author’s wife reads GI Russia or not.


GI Russia was not alone at the SPS. We cannot fail to thank Andrei GOB Lutsenko and his daily IG stories and posts about our work in his group that Andrew did even without our requests several times a day. It’s very nice when your colleagues are so happy to help. Vasily IRON RATING Kuznetsov, it’s hard to overestimate your support, bro! I was pleasantly surprised, but even the popular public Sportfaza and Street Workout also took the YouTube releases for the publications.

We have something else to say about the tournament. So, soon we will have published more than 10 articles about the Siberian Power Show, where Alexander Vishnevsky will tell why he didn’t come to this cool event. The impressions about the tournament will be shared by sportsmen from abroad, strongmen and the host – Dmitry Kornyukhin. Video clips will be released, including the one with Denis Wolf, where he will share his opinion on the prospects of Ashot Kahramanyan in PRO. Ashot himself will tell us about the collaboration with the Kuwaiti coach. Dmitry Yashankin will talk about the FBBR and Russian bodybuilding. A great interview was recorded with Viktor Forde, hot topics were discussed with Dasha Navarrskaya, and we also talked about bloggers and many other things with Sergey Mironov.

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