The best of the worst.

Here at GI Weekly, we pride ourselves on giving you the most up to date bodybuilding news and entertainment – but that doesn’t mean that we don’t break a few eggs in the process. For every segment, every gag, and every news report – there are a ton of bloopers and laughs that fall to the cutting room floor. If you haven’t noticed, we love putting together top countdown lists and the off season is really kicking in, with hardly any competitions to report about. So we decided to hand pick the best bloopers and mess-ups that have ever graced our Generation Iron cameras.

We’ve always dedicated ourselves to giving you constant updates and bodybuilding excitement – but now we’re inviting you to get an inside look of what the GI Weekly family is all about. So put down the weights for a few minutes and join in on all the fun that goes into GI Weekly – your number one source for everything bodybuilding.


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GI Team
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