The best workouts to pack on muscle.

In the modern era there are hundreds, if not thousands, of resources on the web spewing fitness and lifting advice. Majority of this advice is probably wrong. So when you’re trying to figure out what training programs are best to really pack on muscle and maximize your gains… it might be tough to know where to start. That’s why we’ve cut through the crap to give you a intro breakdown of the top 4 training programs for bodybuilding that will not fail to get you truly massive gains. Check it out in our latest episode above.

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5 x 5 Sample Workout

Alternate between workout A and workout B three times a week with at least one day off between sessions. Aim to rest for 60-to-120 seconds between sets of the core exercises and 30-to-45 seconds between sets for the accessory exercises.

Workout A

Workout B

FST-7 Sample Workout

Day 1: Biceps, Triceps, And Calves

Day 2: Legs

Day 3: Off

Day 4: Chest And Triceps

Day 5: Back And Calves

Day 6: Shoulders And Biceps

German Volume Training Sample Workout

Workout 1

Workout 2

Workout 3

Upper/Lower Split Training Sample Workout

Perform Workout A and Workout B one after each other and then break for a day before moving to Workout C and Workout D to round out your training week.

Workout A

Workout B

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