Who doesn’t love the underdog?

We’re just under 8 weeks out from the Arnold Classic and things are really starting to ramp up in the bodybuilding world. Pros are starting prep for the big competition and an electric excitement is filling the air. What better way to get caught up with it all than to recap with GI Weekly, your number one source for everything bodybuilding. This week Kai Greene had a guest spot on ESPN with a truly epic motivational promo; we got new footage of Hidetada Yamagishi prepping at Gold’s Gym for the Arnold Classic; and we also count down the top 5 underdogs in all of bodybuilding history.

Some of them found success and surpassed their underdog roots, some never found victory, but one thing remains true for all five picks – they captured the hearts of the masses with their incredible physiques, regardless of their win/loss record. Check it all out in the video above.


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