Generation Iron Workout Song Seven Nation Army

The power of seven nations.

Making the impossible happen is the dream of anyone looking to aspire to greatness. A bodybuilder may just be content with building a great looking physique. They may be fine with merely receiving compliments on their body. But many others aspire to be remember as all time great, as a legend. It’s what Phil Heath aspires to as well as any other professional bodybuilder that hits a posing stage. This weekend saw the New York Mets make their bid for greatness against the Chicago Cubs. The Mets haven’t won a World Series championship in nearly thirty years, but it would appear that after years of ridicule and sacrifice, the team is well on it’s way to picking up their third title. In recent years the team has been viewed as underdogs, a team that would never again capture lightning in a bottle. This year saw them hit a turning point and it looks like they’re not letting up anytime soon. It’s that kind of drive, that kind of dedication we should all aspire to no matter what the circumstance. If the Mets can endeavor to win a World Series, if Phil Heath can hope for ten Olympia titles, then you can get endeavor to make changes yourself in the gym this week. Take a listen to this week’s tune and strive for greatness.

We’re mixing things up again today with our workout song of the week… literally by highlighting a remix on a truly powerfully driven classic from The White Stripes. The Glitch Mob added some extra heft to this track making it the perfect pumping iron companion in your workout playlist.

This Week’s Pick

Song: Seven Nation Army Remix
Artist: Glitch Mob (Orig: White Stripes)

Crank up some Glitch Mob and White Stripes and hit the iron hard. You’ve got no time to be lazy. Get those gains!

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