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Become famous in the gym.

This weekend saw one of the greatest musicians of the last fifty years tragically pass away. David Bowie was a huge influence on many different musical performers and was definitely an artistic individual who played by his own rules. That same attitude of artistic expression can be easily found in bodybuilding as well. Who knows where the sport would have been if the ideology of artistic expression wasn’t as the forefront of bodybuilding? Arnold Schwarzenegger utilized his artistic influences to heighten the sport of bodybuilding just as Bowie used his own avant-garde approach to leave his stamp on the music world forever. We pay tribute to David Bowie this week with a track from another influential music artist who sampled the great pop singer’s song Fame to create a powerful and pumped up hybrid.

In tribute to the sad passing of one rock’s greats – David Bowie – we’ve picked a kick ass hip hop song that uses one of Bowie’s hits, Fame, as a sample. Get ready to become famous in the gym with this perfect motivation.

This Week’s Pick

Song: Fame
Artist: Dr. Dre
Album: Dr. Dre Presents the Aftermath

Go nuts and hit the iron hard. You’ve got no time to be lazy. Get those gains!

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