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Making way for new gains.

This past weekend was filled with a bevvy of shocking events. The world witnessed another atrocity as innocent lives were snuffed out in Paris France. It’s a hard subject to talk about and has no relation to bodybuilding at all, but it’s an important one that shouldn’t be ignored. As the world prays for those who were lost in the senseless attacks this weekend, all that can be done is to pick up the pieces and find a way to move forward after such a harrowing event.

On a lighter note, a UFC super star was dethroned as Ronda Rousey suffered defeat at the hands of title challenger Holly Holm. Rather than view it as a champions fall, we should look at it as someone rising to the occassion. It’s what every professional athlete hopes to accomplish. Much like Jay Cutler upsetting the great Ronnie Coleman, Holm’s victory should inspire those looking to triumph over insurmountable odds. Overcoming the odds is what humans have always strived for and it’s what you should drive for this week during your training.

So today we hope that our workout song can give you a few minutes away from the real world – and transport you into the intense zone while you bang out your frustrations on the iron. This song will get you fired up in the gym to get all the gains you seek. Burn fat and pack on muscle with this track from Ludacris. “Move Bitch” is a high intensity track off the group’s album, Word of Mouf that’s sure to put some adrenaline into your lifts.

This Week’s Pick

Song: Move Bitch
Artist: Ludacris
Album: Word of Mouf

Crank up some Luda and hit the iron hard. You’ve got no time to be lazy. Get those gains!

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