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Kill the iron.

This weekend showed that big things can come in small packages. Ant-Man dominated the domestic box office and has become an instant hit for Marvel once again. Much like Franco Columbu becoming a break out bodybuilder and strongman despite his below average height, Ant-Man was a pretty small film in the grand scheme of the Marvel movie universe yet was able to pack a pretty hefty punch. It proves that you never can be hundred percent safe in assuming anything. Much in the same way breaking a deadlifting record or winning a pro bodybuilding competition can seem pretty much impossible and out of reach, you have to push yourself, challenge yourself, try to rise past your limits. It’s what a true bodybuilder has to do if they’re looking to achieve greatness.

But if that wasn’t enough to fire you up, then the GI Team will stoke the fire.

This song will get you fired up in the gym to get all the gains you seek. Burn fat and pack on muscle with this epic cover song of the Dio classic, “Holy Diver,” by Killswitch Engage. “Holy Diver” is a high intensity track off the compilation album, High Voltage! and is sure to put some pure adrenaline into your lifts.

This Week’s Pick

Song: Holy Diver
Artist: Killswitch Engage
Album: High Voltage!: A Brief History of Rock

Crank up some Killswitch Engage and hit the iron hard. You’ve got no time to be lazy. Get those gains!

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