generation ironThis week we’re continuing the trend of influential German rock groups.

February came and went in a flash and March is finally here. You know what that means. Competition season is revving up and all the off season training for the professionals is coming to an end. With the 2015 Arnold Classic right around the corner, the pros are gearing up to get competition season started off right. For those of us who aren’t competing in a professional bodybuilding competition, we still have time to make some crazy gains before spring hits and we begin to show off the muscles we’ve worked so hard for all winter.

Like last week, we have a song from a German rock group that is sure to fire you up in the gym. Burn fat and pack on muscle with this track from KMFDM. “Ultra” is a classic track off the German group’s Nihil.

This Week’s Pick

Song: Ultra
Artist: KMFDM
Album: Nihil


Crank up some KMFDM and hit the iron hard. You’ve got no time to be lazy. Get those gains!

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Jonathan Salmon
Managing editor of Generation Iron, Jonathan Salmon is a writer, martial arts instructor, and geek culture enthusiast. He has been writing about bodybuilding, combat sports, and strength sports for over 8 years. Check out his YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Sound Cloud for in-depth MMA analysis.