This Is How You Train past Failure For Greater Hypertrophy

Failure is an option.

When you’re looking to build quality muscle you can’t simply perform a few reps of bicep curls or five squats and think you’re going to get anywhere. In order to build some high end muscle your goal must be to work the muscle group with enough reps until they experience hypertrophy. But for bodybuilders with a ton of experience simply following the same rep scheme and workout won’t be enough to take them to the next level. For the more experienced, going to failure is an option to take muscle growth to the next level.

After training for several sets, when your muscles are fatigued and it feels like you can’t do one more rep, that’s when the option to go to failure is most enticing. By lifting to failure your working the muscles to their absolute limit, ensuring that you get some awesome gains. But like anything else, with enough experience things become fairly simple to deal with. Some bodybuilders may just think that going to failure may simply not be enough for their training. Training to failure means that you’ll hard pressed to even try and lift a weight up again during that session.

For the more advanced bodybuilder, how exactly can you train past failure?

Quite simply, by doing dropsets you’re able to boost your strength and hypertrophy all at once. For example, if you’re doing bicep curls with your usually weight, rep, and set scheme, try doing a dropset where you lower the weight and go to failure. Keep count of how many reps you perform and once the weight becomes too much, lower the weight again and once again go to failure. Rinse and repeat. But keep in mind to get the best results you should choose a weight that’s light enough to push your muscles to failure, but not too light that you’re able to beat your rep count from the last set with ease. Try this dropset training next time you’re in the gym and see what kind of results you can get.

Do you train to failure?

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