Gregg Valentino digs deep into transgender identity and bodybuilding.

A CONVERSATION WITH GREGG VALENTINO – is a six part sit down interview with Gregg Valentino – a former bodybuilder who is best known as the “man whose arms exploded.” Gregg is a man now known for his outspoken opinions and insane stories from his years in bodybuilding and drug dealing. Gregg discussed with director Vlad Yudin about every hot button issue you can imagine including transgender identity in bodybuilding, the Shawn Rhoden accusations, and drugs in bodybuilding. New episodes air every Thursday!

By now many of you already know Gregg Valentino, a bodybuilder who built the most insanely cartoonish massive arms in his prime using a cocktail of drugs. This eventually led him to draining the blood from his arms in a famous video – becoming known as “the man whose arms exploded.” In his later career he made living as a bodybuilding journalist sharing his insane bodybuilding and drug dealing stories – and commentary on the bodybuilding world. He also has been on our digital network before in our series Storytime With Gregg Valentino.

Now he’s back to sit down with Generation Iron director Vlad Yudin for a new season of A Conversation With… – and digs deep into every single taboo topic you can imagine in bodybuilding and beyond.

In part one of our six part series, Gregg Valentino holds nothing back discussing “woke culture,” transgender rights, and how sports competitions (and specifically strength/bodybuilding competitions) should handle inclusion of transgender athletes. Is it competitively fair to allow a transgender person to compete in a division of their post-op gender? Or does it put athletes at a disadvantage?

True to his brand, Gregg is blunt and completely honest with his opinions on this matter and doesn’t give a damn whether or not what he says is politically correct. What do you think about his take on this extremely hot button issue? Watch part 1 of A Conversation With Gregg Valentino above!

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