Generation Iron New Documentary


Generation Iron introduced casual movie goers to the top bodybuilders in the world. The movie highlighted the struggle and perseverance required to compete at the highest levels of professional bodybuilding. The film showcased the grit, dedication, and determination a person must have to take a chance at achieving the ultimate goal of being crowned champion.

Now it seems that one of the stars of the film is looking to further document their life on and off the posing stage. Ben Pakulski is a top flight competitor with an undying passion for bodybuilding. His approach to bodybuilding is far more analytical, focusing a great deal on the science and chemistry of the human body’s biological make up.

But despite the research, despite all his intelligence, Ben has yet to win a Mr. Olympia contest. This new documentary promises to delve into the bodybuilder’s day to day life and show his journey to break into the top five. Check out the trailer below and don’t forget to hit up the movie’s official site right here.

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