Generation Iron Guest Posing Highlights Moscow 2015

The pros march in.

For many of those looking to bodybuilding champions the road as long and arduous, filled with peaks and valleys. The journey to becoming a professional bodybuilder is truly a daunting one that requires the kind of single mindedness that only top athletes possess. Bodybuilding isn’t something you can half ass. If you hope to make considerable gains, quality muscle, and impressive size and symmetry then that means you have to push yourself beyond the point of exhaustion, beyond the limits of your own imagination. It takes a deep hunger and drive to become a champion, something that seasoned pros understand well.

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The Amateur Mr. Olympia competition took place in Moscow last week and highlighted some of the up and comers in the sport hoping to one day put their stamp on the sport and carve out their own legacies. The men of the open weight division looked to impress the judges and show the fans that they are the next generation of bodybuilding. But despite great showings by all involved, the biggest attraction was no doubt the guests of honor who attended the event.

For the first time in what seems like forever, Phil Heath, Kai Greene, Dexter Jackson, and Shawn Rhoden all took to the same posing stage to show the crowd the physiques they’ve been shaping in the off season. The four bodybuilding veterans just a couple months out from this past Olympia were still looking in good condition and hoped to show off their prowess on stage.

Kai started things off with his guest posing routine.

The current Olympia Champion Phil Heath posed second after his long time rival.

Dexter Jackson took to the stage showing good definition even in the off season.

Shawn Rhoden was the last to hit the stage with his own rendition.

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