INTERVIEW: Guy Cisternino Addresses Viral Gym Incident Video

Guy Cisternino breaks down in detail the gym argument video that went viral.

On May 13, 2021, pro bodybuilder Guy Cisternino posted a video on his Instagram account. Within a week, the video went viral not only in bodybuilding but beyond it. The video in question showcased Cisternino getting into a heated argument at the gym. The video has since brought extreme criticism and defense of Cisternino’s actions. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Guy Cisternino sets the record straight and addresses the gym incident.

After we originally reported on the viral video of Guy Cisternino arguing at the gym – he reached out to us directly requesting an interview. We connected over video with Cisternino to go into more detail and get his perspective on the entire incident. The video itself cuts off right when the argument starts to heat up. Cisternino gives us a breakdown of exactly what happened.

Guy Cisternino starts out explaining that he believes the video was blown too far out of proportion. He acknowledges that the video cuts off early. Due to that the audience imagination ran rampant. Without context, the video could be seen as an aggressive move on Cisternino’s part. Or it can be seen as an understandable mishap. That’s why he wants to give further context on the moment in question.

Guy Cisternino goes on to explain that the men he argued with in the video were originally much closer than they appeared. Since they were off camera for majority of the clip, we only see them after they have slowly stepped away. This contributed to the criticisms when people watched the video.

Watch our GI Exclusive segment with Guy Cisternino above!

Furthermore, Guy Cisternino points out that he asks them give him some space twice before he jumped off the machine. While he wasn’t 100% politely speaking to them – it was also mid set. He was under physical pressure and pushing his body while also trying to ask them to give him more space. They quickly got defensive and then Cisternino lost his cool.


“What everybody sees is me walk five feet away from the machine to go to the kids,” Guy Cisternino comments in our interview. He goes on:

“But what they don’t understand, is while this is all going on they are progressively backing up but they just keep talking… if they were actually where they were when I got off the machine and did what I did, I would be a complete shit. But that’s not what happened”

Guy Cisternino goes on to say that he was also filming on behalf of the gym. He argues that he was working. And even if it wasn’t on behalf of the gym, a pro bodybuilder training is doing their job. Not everyone knows this. And how could they? But the fact still remains valid.


Ultimately, while Guy Cisternino defends his actions he also understands that he’s not a perfect person. He doesn’t think the video deserved such scrutiny. At the same time, he did lose his temper and he acknowledges that.

“Should I have jumped off the machine. Absolutely not. Should I have said, ‘Let’s go outside?’ Absolutely not,” Guy Cisternino states in our interview. He continues:

“But I’m also at 39 years old…. I’m not going to take disrespect. And people are going to say, ‘Well, you were disrespecting him.’ I don’t think asking someone to get out of my plain view while I’m squatting is disrespectful. There’s a disconnect with this whole thing.”

Guy Cisternino goes into much more detail in our interview discussion. To get the full story, you can watch the whole GI Exclusive interview segment above.