Guy Cisternino Explains Reason For Hospitalization and Connection to Coronavirus

Guy Cisternino talks hospitalization.

Guy Cisternino was recently rushed to the ER after health concerns. While it was unclear to Cisternino what he was suffering from, initially a nurse treating the bodybuilder suggested that it could have been a blood clot situated in his calf.

It appears now the facts are out.

Guy Cisternino made a follow up video confirming what happened.

Follow up video regarding my blood clot

Ok guys and gals, this is the full video explaining the diagnosis, how it happened, the incidents leading up to it, and what to pay attention for. Also if you know anyone that had or has Covid19, this is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT SO PAY ATTENTION!!!! Also i couldn’t post the Ultra sound it’s on my STORY. Be blessed everybody

The global health crisis continues to affect citizens around the world.

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