Gym Crush: Amanda Cerny

Gym Crush: Amanda Cerny

Amanda Cerny: Your Daily Dose of Happiness

If you don’t already follow Amanda on Instagram, you’re missing out on so much. Cerny is arguably one of the funniest girls on the internet. Apart from being funny, Amanda is incredibly hot. Both these features explain her 17.9 million followers on Instagram.

Amanda’s Insta timeline is a mixture of funny videos and exotic photo shoots, both of which keep her fans entertained. Cerny is also a fit chick and you will see her switch between a gym and a dance studio.

So now you know what you’ve been missing out on. Amanda can rock any outfit effortlessly. Apart from being super famous on Instagram, Cerny has a loyal following on YouTube as well.

Cerny started out her career as a Playmate. She was the Playboy Playmate of the Month for October 2011. It was her only Playboy shoot after which she became an internet celebrity. Amanda’s talent has brought her a long way since then.

Amanda started her online journey with Vine. She later switched to Instagram and YouTube after Vine lost its popularity and shut down. Cerny’s growing following has helped her bag a number of sponsorship deals.

Why walk when you can roll? Let Amanda be your motivation to start eating greens. There are no doubts Cerny is serious about her fitness and takes care of her body. Her fitness levels are one of the reasons she has been so consistent with her work.

Breathtaking! Both the scenery and Cerny. Amanda doesn’t limit herself to a studio. She is out in the wild doing her gigs and posing for photo shoots. Posing comes naturally to Amanda.

Amanda is getting it right with the paparazzi stuff. There are only a few other things people like more than a candid picture of their favorite celebrity. Did we mention Amanda works out? Thank you squats.

Strength Wars Movie

Amanda is constantly on the road. She travels to new places to get her followers new content and has some fun while doing it. If you have the wanderlust, you should be following her on Instagram.

Amanda isn’t afraid to make new friends, literally. Cerny is constantly thinking outside the box to bring something new to her fans. Using snakes in shoots could be considered taking the prop game to the next level.

This looks like a scene from a Bond movie. We wouldn’t be surprised if we see Amanda Cerny on the silver screen in the near future. She has all the ingredients of becoming a superstar.

All in all, Amanda is the perfect girl. She is incredibly funny, gorgeous and has a stunning body. Follow Cerny on Instagram and YouTube and stay updated with her. We’re sure you’ll love her and her work.

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