Gym Crush – Angelica Teixeira

Gym Crush – Angelica Teixeira

Angelica Teixeria is making her mark in the fitness world. She has won the Ms. Bikini Olympia title, not once but twice. Teixeria hails from Brazil and spent eight years practicing jazz dance which helped in toning and strengthening her body from a young age.

Angelica won the Ms. Bikini Olympia title just three years after she started competing. This shows her grit and hard work. Teixeira credits her success to her home country as people in Brazil take their health and physical appearance very seriously.

Angelica Teixeria – The Complete Package

Teixeria’s active upbringing made her interested in weight training. Things got a little complicated when she wanted to join a gym. Since Angelica was 15-years-old, she wasn’t allowed to train in a gym because of certain Brazilian laws that prohibit individuals below the age of 18 to get a gym membership.

Not being able to train at a gym didn’t stop Angelica from lifting weights. She started training at home with a basic set of dumbbells. Her training program majorly revolved around bodyweight exercises.

The Girl With The Iron Will

After three years of working out at home, Angelica’s passion for fitness reached new heights when she was allowed to get a gym membership. She was excited about the new possibilities the equipment in the gym brought to her.

As her love for fitness grew, Angelica decided to turn it into her profession and enrolled herself in a four-year physical education college degree so she could become a certified personal trainer.

Life Mantra – Never Settle

After working as a personal trainer for a couple of years, Teixeira moved to the United States. Her initial days in the US were hard as she couldn’t get PT clients because of not knowing the English language well and the impending language barrier.

Determined to live the American Dream, Angelica took on the task of learning English. Teixeira signed up for online language courses, started watching movies and shows with subtitles and didn’t shy away from practicing her new skills with anyone she could find.

One Milestone At A Time

It took her five years to master the English language, but master she did. After gaining fluency in English, Angelica diverted all her energy towards her career in fitness. She soon got a few clients for her personal training services.

To expand her experience in training, diet and contest preparation so she could deliver better results for her clients, Angelica decided to start competing in bikini competitions. It wasn’t too late when she started making her mark in the PT, online and competition world.

Getting The Competition Bug

Angelica started competing in 2013 and within three years, she had won 12 out of the 22 shows she took part in – turning IFBB Pro in the process. Teixeira reached news heights in 2017 when she won the top spot in both the Arnold Sports Festival and Ms. Bikini Olympia competitions.

Although Angelica has accomplished a lot in her career, we feel she is just getting started. We wish her the best for her future endeavors and feel that she’ll keep beating the odds to come out on the top.

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