Gym Crush – Anllela Sagra

Gym Crush - Anllela Sagra

Anllela Sagra – The Fitness Model

To some people, girls in gym clothes are hotter than girls in party dresses and Anllela Sagra is the perfect example of this. Sagra is a 25-year old Colombian fitness celebrity who has made her mark on Instagram with her drop-dead gorgeous face and a perfectly crafted physique.

Back at home in Colombia, lifting weights was thought of as a men’s thing and the idea of ‘muscular girls’ wasn’t well received. Anllela set out to challenge this mindset, and going by her gigantic following – she might have won the challenge.

A Flawless Physique

Anllela is from Colombia where being a fitness model wasn’t considered the right thing to do for a girl. Sagra started out wanting to become a normal fashion model but soon changed her ambitions after a chance encounter with a fitness enthusiast in the gym.

Anllela started lifting weights in the gym and turned her slim physique into a toned and muscular one. After getting a feel for the gym life, Sagra set out to become Columbia’s first female fitness model.

Anllela Sagra is beautiful, fit, strong and a lot of fun. Her unique personality and drive have garnered a lot of attention and turned her into a fitness icon, and her 11 million Instagram followers are proof.

Breaking Stereotypes

Don’t let her pretty face fool you. Sagra’s workouts are nothing short of brutal and will set your muscles on fire by the time you’re done. Anllela often shares her workouts on her Instagram page for you to follow along.

Anllela is big on motivational training videos and chances are you’ve already seen her in such videos before. Sagra’s work ethic and dedication are what have helped her achieve a chiseled body and the fitness celebrity status.

Look at her photos, and it feels like she is best friends with the camera. The Colombian beauty will leave you awe-struck with her photos, and wondering why don’t more girls lift weights.

Bathroom selfies might be a thing but Sagra takes it one step further with her bathroom videos. Photos can be edited with filters but the videos Anllela puts up are untouched and show her Greek-goddess body in its full glory.

Sagra’s washboard abs can put most of the fitness athletes to shame. Anllela maintains her conditioning throughout the year and looks like she is always ready to jump onto a magazine cover.

Anllela is raising the standards of selfies for the female fitness athletes with her gorgeous pictures. Sagra has upped the game for the ‘woke up like this’ selfies with just one post.

Not being around a gym can’t stop Anllela from getting a workout done. She isn’t the typical gym rat and enjoys the outdoor life. Follow Sagra on Instagram and she’ll keep you glued to your phone for hours.

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