Gym Crush – Eva Andressa

Eva Andressa is a Brazilian fitness star who is slowly but surely making her mark in the fitness industry. Andressa started her fitness journey when she was 17 years old and wanted to thicken up her embarrassingly skinny figure.

With 5 million followers on Instagram (over 14 million in her social networks), Eva has been featured in numerous fitness magazines and publications. Andressa has turned into one of the most recognized fitness celebrities in the world and uses her position to inspire her fans around the world to achieve their goals.

Eva Andressa – The Brazilian Beauty and Worldwide Fitness Sensation

Eva began her career as a competitor in Body Fitness, a bodybuilding category in Brazil, where she won many titles of national and international prominence. Andressa started training when she was 17 and competed in her first IFBB show at 24.

Eva had a rough start to her fitness career. She quit after working out for a month as she didn’t have a trainer or any knowledge about fitness. At this point, Andressa questioned her abilities and if she would be any good in the fitness field.

After some time away from the gym, she met Jardel Barros, her future husband and they soon started dating. Jardel was an athlete and he gave Eva the training and motivation she needed to transform her body.

Fueled by Ambition

After training for a year, Andressa realized she had the right genetics for the sport and was excited to see where fitness would take her. With every passing year, Eva made serious progress towards her goal of making a mark in the fitness industry.

Eva worked hard to achieve her dream physique and her quick development acted as the fuel which kept her going on the journey of self-improvement. She entered her first competition at the age of 21 and walked out as the Figure champion.

Continuing her hard work, Andressa kept adding to her trophy case and soon became the Figure champion, Brazil. In 2008, Eva set a new ambition of winning bigger shows and entered the IFBB Body Competition in Brazil. She surprised everyone by placing 1st in her biggest show yet.

Competitor Turned Model

In 2009 at the age of 25, Eva decided to turn into a Fitness model as her competitive career wasn’t enough to support her financially. Eva’s Midas touch proved itself yet again as she gained more exposure by becoming the face of a sports nutrition company.

Eva was discovered by the media in 2010 and was invited to appear on a celebrity TV show in Brasil. Thanks to the show, she became one of the best-known athletes in Brasil and an online sensation.

It wasn’t long until she got her own TV show which took her fame to the next level. Eva has been featured in many magazines and publications around the world which has turned her into a fitness icon.

Just Like Wine – Gets Better With Age

Andressa has been improving her physique with every passing year. She has simultaneously been growing her follower base. We wish her the best in her fitness journey and hope she makes the dent in the world she set out to make.

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