Gym Crush – Hannah Eden

Gym Crush - Hannah Eden

Gym Crush – Hannah Eden

Hannah Eden is a stand-out fitness athlete and is slowly but surely making a mark in the fitness industry. She’s a hybrid athlete and probably is one of the most ripped female athletes in the fitness industry.

Hannah with her gorgeous red hair, and shredded body is setting Instagram on fire. If you don’t already know about Eden, get ready to be blown away by her unique personality and crazy work ethic.

Hannah Eden Fitness

Growing up, Hannah had no interest in fitness or any kind of sporting activities. All of it changed and she started training at the age of 14 when she moved from her homeland England to the USA.

Eden follows a unique way of working out where she combines the elements of CrossFit with regular strength training and bodyweight exercises. Over the years, Hannah has become an elite CrossFit athlete, entrepreneur, and has created a successful career for herself.

Answering Her Calling

When asked about why she does what she does, Hannah says, “I post to inspire others. I want to spread awareness about the importance of fitness, and how incredible things will unfold when you step outside of your comfort zone, believe in yourself and do something with your beautiful life!”

Hannah faced many personal challenges while getting used to the new environment. She made fitness and training her to escape from all the stress. It was at this time Hannah fell in love with iron therapy.

Unique Style

Over the years, Hannah has appeared on the cover of many magazines and publications. She is one of the people who makes fitness and working out in the gym look glamorous. Spreading awareness about the fit lifestyle is easier when you have ambassadors like Hannah Eden.

Eden routinely shares her workouts on her Instagram page for her fans to follow. Her ripped physique is the result of years of intense training. Looking at her workouts will give you a peek into her hardcore work ethic.

Strength Wars Movie

Stepping Into The Industry

After deciding she wanted to pursue fitness full-time, she started hosting a fitness program in South Beach, Florida to make a name for herself in the industry. As the fitness program became successful, she started working as a CrossFit coach and athlete.

Hannah is known for staying in photoshoot-ready shape throughout the year. She relies on HIIT workouts in which she uses heavy weights and takes short resting periods between sets.

Making It Count

As cheesy it might sound, Eden is the perfect example of someone who loves what they do and does what they love. Always remember great things comes to the people who are willing to take risks.

Hannah continues to make the most of every situation which comes her way. If you are at a similar stage like when Hannah moved to the US, make sure you step out of your comfort zone. Trying to find a safe corner will only make you feel small and powerless.

Who is your gym crush?

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