Gym Crush – Kelsey Wells

Gym Crush – Kelsey Wells

For the uninformed and uninitiated, Kelsey Wells is an Instagram fitness celebrity with 2.5 million followers. Kelsey’s incredible physique and her story are an inspiration for all her followers.

Wells is a fitness celebrity, trainer, mom, and wife, and she’s a star in all her roles. Working with people like Kayla Itsines, Kelsey built a fitness empire for herself with her Instagram photos, videos, and inspirational quotes.

Kelsey Wells – The Dream Girl

Kelsey’s beginning in the fitness world was far from typical. Wells wasn’t always a fan of exercising. While she spent her early days playing sports, working out became a chore after finishing school.

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It is imperative to me that I contribute to the health and fitness landscape in a POSITIVE way that combats the negative and quite frankly TOXIC dialogues which marketed “fitness” for far too long. There is no magic pill. There is no shortcut. You do NOT need to look like me or her or him or anyone other than YOU. You do NOT need to be thin or muscular or have a thigh gap or a big booty. You do NOT need to do it for summer or a vacation or revenge. YOU NEED TO DO IT FOR YOURSELF AND FOR YOUR HEALTH. Period. You DO need to be active and take care of your body because it’s the only one you’ve got. Fitness is about HEALTH, not aesthetics. If you understand that, you alleviate the guilt and stress and pressure and simply make small daily efforts to adapt a better, healthier life for yourself.🖤 #PWR #kelseywellspwr #pwrprogram

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All of this was about to change when she gave birth to her son. Kelsey returned to the iron paradise and started lifting weights to combat post-partum depression. Since then, her love for fitness and her influence as an online model and coach have grown immensely.

The Change Was Almost Immediate

Training and staying in shape helped Kelsey vent her negative emotions. Seeing her physical progress and transformation was the icing on the cake. Wells took it upon herself to learn more about fitness and started researching more advanced topics about nutrition.

Soon after following a diet plan, Kelsey realized that the food she ate could greatly impact her mood and how she felt overall. As a result, she revamped her diet plan from scratch, and it’s when the biggest improvements followed.

The Best Shape Of Her Life

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WHO IS READY TO SLAY 2019!? WHO IS READY FOR A CHALLENGE!? The SWEAT 12 Week Challenge is BACK and I am 😆😆😆! — Join me and THOUSANDS of women across the world on JANUARY 14 to complete 12 solid weeks of PWR all together!! I CANNOT WAIT to sweat it out with you babes. Last years challenge was incredible and this year is going to be even more epic. THERE IS SO MUCH PWR IN COMMUNITY! I will be doing my program right alongside you sharing tips and videos all along our way and cannot WAIT to watch your #pwrprogress inside and out as you make 2019 your best year yet.⚡️ Click the link in my bio, download the Sweat app, select PWR as your program and GET READY to GET PWRFUL👊🏼🖤⚡️👏🏼 . . #pwr #pwrprogram #kelseywellspwr

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While following a regular training and diet plan, Wells felt better than ever and her physique improved by leaps and bounds. When Kelsey returned to weighing 140lbs (her pre-pregnancy weight), her body composition was completely different due to weight training.

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My focus this past holiday was simply enjoying time with my boys in one of our favorite places. I did a few PWR sessions and stayed active via allll the swimming, but I also rested A LOT (thank you @rpwells 🙏🏼♥️), read some books on my list, indulged in my favorite treats, and spent a lot of time reflecting on the last six months and re-evaluating and resetting my goals and intentions for the next. Caring for our mental and emotional health and wellbeing is JUST as important as caring for our physical bodies. NEVER value aesthetics over your health and NEVER feel bad for taking a break or slowing things down. You don’t need to wait for a vacation to do so either. Your fitness journey is about your HEALTH, and relaxing is part of that.🖤 #PWR #kelseywellspwr .

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Kelsey’s transformation gave her the courage to inspire others to take charge of their bodies and life. Wells opened a social media account where she started posting pictures of her transformation.

Inspiring Others

Along with her transformation pictures, Kelsey posts quotes from her fitness journey (a practice she still follows). Her follower count grew as more and more people resonated with her story and she became a star, especially amongst other mothers who face post-pregnancy depression.

It wasn’t long after this that Kelsey turned into a fitness guru. She seized the opportunity and opened her online coaching business along with other businesses. Kelsey has now turned into a successful entrepreneur and a fitness icon.

Get Fit The Kelsey Way

If you’re a digger for new workouts, make sure you give Kelsey a follow on Instagram. She posts her workouts regularly on the gram for her fans to follow. Wells relies more on strength training as compared to cardio for maintaining her toned physique.

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You do not have to choose between being strong OR vulnerable. Humble OR confident. Muscular OR feminine. Conservative OR sexy. Accepting OR firm in your values. Life is not easy OR hard, positive OR challenging and your heart is not always full OR aching. Strength demands vulnerability. True confidence breeds empathy and humility. If you are a female, your body is intrinsically beautiful and feminine irrelevant of muscle mass or body shape or size simply because YOU ARE A WOMAN. Life is full of easily clear choices that demand long hard roads. Living grounded in positivity does not excuse you from life’s challenges and your heart can absolutely be shattered and mourning from one experience AND be filled with joy and love from another, simultaneously. Cease struggling to fit into the mold the world set forth for you made from the opinions of others and the ever fluctuating standards of society. In fact, take that mold and SHATTER IT. You are AND, not OR. You are ALL parts of you. You are perfectly, YOU. Embrace your truth and participate in your own unfolding. STEP INTO YOUR POWER.🖤

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When was the last time you saw someone who could rock both these attires so effortlessly? We are a fan of Kelsey’s and wish her the best for her future endeavors in and outside the fitness industry.

Who is your gym crush?

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