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Hadi Choopan is back in the gym training like a beast for 2020.

Hadi Choopan is arguably the most exciting story of the Olympia 2019 and perhaps the most exciting story of the entire year for bodybuilding. For years, Hadi had been known as a threatening and powerful competitor that just couldn’t compete in major shows in the United States due to trouble earning a travel Visa. For a while, it seemed that 2019 would be no different… until a last second surprise just two weeks before the competition revealed that Hadi Choopan had finally earned a Visa and would be competing at the Mr. Olympia.

On top of that, Hadi continued a trend he set earlier in Canada by stepping out of the comfort zone of his Men’s 212 division and into the Men’s Open. It was a risky move that paid off incredibly. Hadi Choopan landed third place a the Olympia Men’s Open – proving himself to be such a threat that he can take down many elite Men’s Open competitors who have been competing in the division for years.

So now we head into 2020 with a newfound excitement. And the world will watch carefully every move Hadi Choopan makes as he heads into the next year of competition. This is why it’s exciting to see the first major training update from Hadi since the Olympia – compiled here by Fazi Fitness. Was 2019 just a flash in the pan? Or will 2020 be the year of Hadi Choopan’s further rise? Watch the training video above and decide for yourself!

If you’d like to see more of Hadi Choopan – make sure to check him out in Generation Iron 3 which in part explores his journey towards trying to earn a US Visa. You can stream the film here.

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