Watch Hadi Choopan’s first ever Olympia 2019 posing routine from prejudging.

What a wild ride for Hadi Choopan in 2019. What started out like any other year where many assumed he would be unable to compete in the Mr. Olympia due to visa issues and President Donald Trump’s strict travel ban transformed into an incredible underdog story.

Not only was Choopan able to obtain a US Visa and compete in the Mr. Olympia… he ended up deciding to compete in the Men’s Open instead of his traditional Men’s 212 division. Many fans and experts alike had a variety of thoughts about this turn of events. Was it a smart move? Should he have stayed in Men’s 212 for what many considered a guaranteed victory? Would he place well in the Men’s Open?

The Friday night prejudging blew everything up – showing us that Hadi Choopan was not simply a shoe in for the Men’s 212, he just might be in the top 5 at the Men’s Open. For those who were unable to watch the show in Vegas or on the live stream, Williams Fitness has the entire first ever posing routine of Hadi Choopan at the Olympia 2109 prejudging above! Check it out and let us know what you think about his chances tomorrow night at the finals!

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