Hadi Choopan Reveals Posing Routine Ahead Of 2021 Olympia

Hadi Choopan looks ready for the 2021 Olympia in recent video showing posing routine.

In the past, Hadi Choopan has not had an ideal amount of time to prepare for the Olympia because of difficulty with travel. This year, Choopan is showing that with the necessary amount of time, he will be ready to go. In a recent video on Facebook, Choopan is seen showing off a posing routine ahead of the biggest event of the year.

On a ‘Persian Wolf’ Facebook page, Choopan is looking massive during a posing routine.

In early September, Choopan arrived in the United States to compete in the Olympia. In 2020, Choopan arrived right before the competition and did not have ample time to prepare. This year, he had about six weeks to prepare and get everything in line. If this recent video is any indication, Choopan is ready to compete at the highest level.


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In the video, Choopan is showing off his physique and incredible mass. His waist is looking small while his arms and legs look competition ready. Choopan has had success at the Olympia in recent years and has a chance to improve further.

In 2018, Choopan competed in the Olympia 212 and placed 16th. He went onto win the Asian Grand Prix 212 that year before transitioning to Men’s Bodybuilding. He won the Vancouver Pro in 2019 and this is where his Olympia success began. In 2019, Choopan placed third at the biggest event of the year and was fourth last year.


Despite not having necessary time to prepare, Choopan has been able to put on a strong performance over the years. Heading into this year’s Olympia, Choopan will have some expectations.

Hadi Chopin has been training with Hany Rambod, who has worked with some of the biggest names in the sport. This is an advantage as Choopan has not been able to compete since last year’s Olympia.

There is plenty to look forward to in Orlando this year and Choopan is one of the big names to watch heading into the event.

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