Hafthor Bjornsson Shares Video Detailing Trip To Grocery Store

Hafthor Bjornsson took viewers on a trip to the store with him.

There are few transformations that have been as impressive as that of Hafthor Bjornsson over the years. The nearly 400-pound powerlifter has dropped over 100 pounds and built a shredded physique as he transitions to boxing. During his strongman career, Bjornsson was consuming around 8,000 calories per day. Since then, there has been a different tune being played and it begins with a leaner diet.

Bjornsson is going to take on fellow strongman turned boxer Eddie Hall at some point in early 2022. This comes after Hall was forced to pull out of their originally scheduled fight in September due to an injury. This is a much-anticipated bout and Bjornsson has been doing the necessary training. This includes putting together a diet full of chicken, rice, veggies, and fish.

In a recent YouTube video, Bjornsson and coach Billy Nelson went on a trip to the grocery store in Glasgow, Scotland. In case anyone was wondering what Bjornsson shops for, he laid it all out in the video.

Hafthor Bjornsson arrived at Costco and went right for the rice, potatoes, and oats. For breakfast, Bjornsson likes to pair oats with 100 grams of blueberries and 50 grams of strawberries. From there, the duo focused on protein, which included fish, steak, and skyr.


When deciding on potatoes, Bjornsson admitted that they are interchangeable. Regular potatoes are his favorite but sometimes defers to sweet potatoes in his diet. He continued bi throwing a large container of eggs into the cart, along with almond butter. This is a popular snack before bed. Even for an athlete like Bjornsson, it is hard to ignore pizza. He made sure to comment on his cheat days, which are Sundays, as he walked past the stand.

After finishing up a Costco, Hafthor Bjornsson decided to continue his shopping at Tesco Extra. This is where he picked up some more berries, sauces, and chicken. He continued to discuss how he cooks his rice in a chicken or beef stock to add flavor. 

Bjornsson has taken his diet seriously and that is the only way to make the transformation that he has in recent months. He prepares all of his meals to save some time and make it easier as he trains multiple times a day. Bjornsson admitted that after a long day of work, cooking does not sound like the preferred activity.

Hafthor Bjornsson has been waiting to take on Hall for a long time now. As each day passes, this is a bout that is gaining traction and is becoming more and more anticipated. When the two step in the ring, there will be two transformed physiques who have successfully transitioned to boxing. There are plenty of reasons to look forward to this fight and both athletes are doing the necessary work to be ready.

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Greg Patuto
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