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Rich Piana’s 30 lbs muscle gain begins.

The most rabid bodybuilding fan is an individual who won’t rest until they gain the kind of muscle mass that the pros have. Individuals are influenced greatly by what they see and to a bodybuilding fan, particularly in the current state of the sport, that means they’re striving to become a mass monster. The term itself refers to those who have put on so much muscle mass that they can barely be recognized as a normal human anymore.

The thing about this mentality is that one can face the very real possibility of never being satisfied with their physique. Essentially those looking to constantly increase their muscle mass are no doubt suffering from “Bigorexia” or a form of body dismorphia that allows them to believe they can never get big enough. It’s a dangerous prospect simply because it can push an athlete to the mental brink. Never thinking you’re big enough can truly be a blessing or a terrible curse. Sure, it can provide you with all the motivation you need, but at the same time you won’t quite no what your limit is.


Far be it from us to pass judgment over anyone, but at this point there seems to be a popular fitness YouTuber and bodybuilder suffering from that exact disorder. It’s none other than Rich Piana. A man who is already heavily muscled, it seems all so unnecessary. Yet despite that Piana has decided to do a remarkable experiment on his body and attempt to gain thirty pounds of muscle in thirty days. Say what you will about Piana, the man is huge enough as it is. It all sounds a bit extreme if you ask us, but Rich Piana was never one to back down, especially when it comes to training. Check out the video below as Piana documents his transformation.

What do you think of Rich Piana’s new endeavor? Do you think he has bigorexia? Let us know in the comments and forums. Also, be sure to follow Generation Iron on Facebook and Twitter.

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