Hardcore Motivation: Bradley Martyn And Simeon Panda Train Legs To The Extreme

Blasting through leg day.

Of all the days of a bodybuilder’s training split there’s no doubt that the most important day of them all has to be leg day. That’s right, it’s the one day that most athlete wish to skip just due to the sheer intensity and dedication required. Training legs is perhaps the most daunting of all the body parts to train. Consider the fact that you’re constantly using your lower half to either stand, walk, jog, or even sit down. All of that requires effort, yes even sitting, making leg day one of the more difficult days to get through just due to the fact that the lower body is always being stimulated throughout the day.

Any athlete including a bodybuilder is going to want to focus a great deal of their attention on leg for a couple of reasons. A great deal of strength and power is generated from the legs and can help with a multitude of different lifts. The reason stems from the fact that the number one exercise utilized for leg day is the squat, the king of all exercises. A strength athlete, football player, mixed martial artist, if any of them wish to have explosive strength in their respective fields then leg day is an absolute must and that also rings true for bodybuilders.

When it comes to natural bodybuilding there are a few individuals out there that are ganering a great deal of attention. Bradley Martyn and Simeon Panda are two fitness athletes that not only claim the natty title, but also train extremely hard in the gym. The two men are known for their work ethic and impressive genetics and know a thing or two about building an impressive physique. Take a look at the two training on their favorite day of the week, you guessed it, leg day.

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