Johnnie O. Jackson shares the hardcore truth about foundational nutrition tips for improved health in bodybuilding.

Welcome to the Hardcore Truth – our new podcast and digital series staring one of the strongest pro bodybuilders in the world – Johnnie O. Jackson. Known for his incredible physique, strength, and hardcore training sessions with Branch Warren, Johnnie is gearing up with a mic and camera to share his most valuable lessons from a career in bodybuilding and strength training. This week, Johnnie O. Jackson goes into detail on how to properly build a healthy nutritional foundation for your bodybuilding needs.

A bodybuilding physique isn’t built in the gym, it’s built in the kitchen. This is a tried and true statement in the bodybuilding and fitness world. But proper nutrition is also more important than just shaping your physique. Nutrition is the foundation of your health – both mentally and physically. In this day and age of vaccines and pandemics – health is certainly on people’s mind. On top of this, the many tragic deaths that have been reported in the bodybuilding industry have also highlighted a bigger focus on athlete health. That’s why in this week’s episode – Johnnie O. Jackson decided to dive head first into the most important aspects of foundational nutrition.

Johnnie O. Jackson says it best at the top of the episode. In this day and age, people simply don’t know how to properly eat. This is due to an entire system of processed foods, snacks, and (admittedly delicious) options available more than ever before. Many people eat unhealthy without even realize they are eating unhealthy. This is why Johnnie hopes to share some key foundational facts to help start changing your concept on proper nutrition.

Johnnie O. Jackson’s experience isn’t too different from many bodybuilders in the sport. He started lifting heavy in the gym, seeing results, and learned through trial and error. Due to this – he initially had no idea what he was doing when it came to nutrition and diet. Over time, he was lucky enough to make connections, work with coaches, and learn in detail the key elements needed to be a successful pro bodybuilder.

From these experiences – he also learned the importance of nutrition in general. Having a healthy diet deeply effects not only your life longevity but also your energy and your mental health. These things all contribute towards success in your other goals – whether they are bodybuilding or something else. So proper nutrition is not only important for building a big physique directly – but also indirectly via improved mood and energy as well.

In this episode, Johnnie O. Jackson does not break down a specific bodybuilding optimized diet for becoming a champion. Instead, he focuses on the core elements of nutrition to improve your health. These tips should be underneath and consistent as you also optimize your own bodybuilding diet. Johnnie discusses his personal experiences of how he breaks up percentages of protein, carbohydrates, fat, and so on. He also focuses on the importance of hydration, and finally the importance of vitamins.

Sadly, humans in today’s world often don’t get the vitamins they need via all natural means. So supplements can be very important. For example, the average adult gets much less vitamin D due to our lives (mostly) taking place more and more inside. So there is an extreme importance in ensuring we have enough vitamin D in our diets. This is just one example Johnnie goes over in this episode.

You can watch Johnnie O. Jackson go into full detail about his nutrition and diet tips by watching the latest episode of Hardcore Truth above. Make sure to stick around every Thursday for new episodes!

Derek Dufour
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