Johnnie O. Jackson breaks down his insanely hardcore training style.

Welcome to the Hardcore Truth – our new podcast and digital series staring one of the strongest pro bodybuilders in the world – Johnnie O. Jackson. Known for his incredible physique, strength, and hardcore training sessions with Branch Warren, Johnnie is gearing up with a mic and camera to share his most valuable lessons from a career in bodybuilding and strength training. This week, Johnnie O. Jackson goes in-depth about his notoriously known hardcore training style, how he developed it, and how it defined his career.

Johnnie O. Jackson is known as one of the strongest bodybuilders in the world. This comes from his history as a powerlifter before becoming a bodybuilder. But it also all ties into Johnnie’s well known training style. Compared to most pro bodybuilders, Johnnie always maintained an intensity in the gym hardly matched by others. Similar to intensity as his training partner Branch Warren and also the legendary Ronnie Coleman.

This kind of hardcore training style has also been criticized over the years. Frankly, it’s dangerous. It can lead to much more serious injuries – the exact kind of injuries that pro bodybuilders want to avoid in order to prevent derailing their career.

While there is truth in the dangers of more hardcore “balls to the wall” training – perhaps bodybuilders like Johnnie O. Jackson and Branch Warren are simply a different sort of genetic breed. Ultimately, their careers were not derailed, they maintained impressive physiques, and held successful careers in the sport.

That’s why Johnnie O. Jackson wanted to look back into the origins of his bodybuilding career and how his training style came to define his brand in bodybuilding. The origins of his training mentality surprisingly spread way back into his childhood. His upbringing, his environment, and the people he met along the way all influenced the kind of mindset he had upon entering the gym.

The Origins and Method Behind The Madness Of Johnnie O. Jackson’s Training

Growing up as a black teen in America, Johnnie O. Jackson always felt like he needed to work harder and push harder in order to prove himself and succeed. So when he eventually discovered weightlifting – he pushed his hardest to be the biggest and best. Genetics helped as well. Johnnie acknowledges that he was a naturally strong man and build muscle somewhat easily.

Then Johnnie O. Jackson partnered up with a lifter in the gym – and was put through one of the most intense leg day workouts of his entire life. He was unprepared for how hard he would be pushed and felt like he was on the verge of breaking. When the workout was other – where others might have wanted to tone it down – Johnnie wanted to make it his goal to feel that way after every single workout.

This was the main moment that solidified his hardcore training style. He then developed it over the years as he became a successful powerlifter and then bodybuilder. He found new and varied aways to push himself in just the right aways to improve his physique and strength. He then later met Branch Warren, who had a similar training style, and the rest was history. They still train together to this day.

But Johnnie O. Jackson also understands that your training style and mentality is a big factor in how you will advance as a bodybuilder. So throughout this entire breakdown of his bodybuilding and powerlifting career, Johnnie also shares tips and guidance on how you can develop your own training method. Johnnie understands that not all lifters need to train like him. It’s important that they develop a method that not only works for your lifestyle and genetics – but also one that motivates you to reach new levels.

Wrap Up

You can watch or listen to Johnnie’s full breakdown of his training style in the latest episode of Hardcore Truth With Johnnie O. Jackson above. And make sure to rate, like, and subscribe to the series either on YouTube or your preferred podcasting platform. We’ll be back with new episodes every Thursday. See you in the gym.

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