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#NotJustYet #Mr.O

You may remember that earlier in 2015, Ronnie Coleman randomly challenged Jay Cutler back onto the Olympia stage. Of course, this all sounds a bit crazy – especially with the kind of surgeries Coleman has had to undergo recently. But we all can’t help but wring our hands excitedly at the notion – two eternal greats hitting the stage for one last showdown. Ultimately, odds are this won’t happen… but now Jay Cutler is stirring up some trouble. Albeit very, very vaguely.

Props go out to Reddit user Imprintingprotocol for calling this one out. You see, Jay Cutler recently dropped an Instagram post that seems to be alluding to some sort of comeback. Maybe this isn’t the return of Coleman and Cutler on the Olympia stage – but maybe, just maybe, this is the beginning of Jay Cutler returning to the stage. It might be too soon to day and, hell, maybe we’re all looking too much into it. But it’s too exciting a possibility to just ignore. Check out the Instagram post for your self right here:

As you can see, there’s talk here of a “different path” before he throws in the most exciting part – “#NotJustYet #MrO.” Could this all just be hype for something else entirely? Could we be misinterpreting this? Of course. But if there’s one thing we would all love to see (even if it’s not on the Olympia stage), it’s Jay Cutler back to being bronzed up, flexing hard, and showing off the genetic gifts his mother gave him. Only time will tell to see how this plays out but we here at Generation Iron are excited. Very excited.

So what do you think? Is this all too vague to even report about? Or do you think we’ll be seeing Jay Cutler back to posing again? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook and Twitter. Stay pumped!

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