Here’s Why More Carbs Means Greater Gains And Less Fat

3. Carbohydrates increase leptin


The focus when dieting should always be to maintain a fast metabolism right? After all a higher metabolic rate helps increase fat loss. Lets talk about Lepton, a hormone you may not know about that plays a major role in both metabolism and fat burning. Simply put, when leptin levels are high the body will burn more fat and the metabolism will function at a high rate. Higher amounts of carbohydrates result in higher leptin levels. Ever wonder why cheat meals help keep fat loss from stalling? Its not the junk food, its the higher carb intake.

If your goal is to maintain the maximum amount of muscle while keeping the metabolism boosted during a dieting phase, you may want to reconsider cutting out carbs.

How much carbs are in your diet?

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  1. This article is as misleading as Helen Keller! Keto doesn’t say remove all carbs, it says, “restrict carbs.” And this article goes on about carbs but neglects to tell you how much carbs. Who writes this bullshit? Anyway, yes keep “some” carbs for the reasons mentioned in the article and you can still get into ketosis and keep your mass…how much? Try 100 grams per day to start and adjust up or down on how you feel. Peace.


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