Here’s Why More Carbs Means Greater Gains And Less Fat

2. No carb diets provide an inefficient way to fuel the body


What about the argument that ketogenic (no carb) diets convert the body to burning fat primarily instead of glucose for fuel? Wouldn’t that preserve more muscle? While it is true that your body will burn ketones as energy when glucose is not available, it will still attempt to burn glucose through another source. If you are still consuming a large amount of protein that is required to build and maintain muscle mass, the body will still have plenty of amino acids to convert into glucose. Believe it or not a true ketogenic diet would require a lower protein dose, not something conducive to looking like a bodybuilder.



  1. This article is as misleading as Helen Keller! Keto doesn’t say remove all carbs, it says, “restrict carbs.” And this article goes on about carbs but neglects to tell you how much carbs. Who writes this bullshit? Anyway, yes keep “some” carbs for the reasons mentioned in the article and you can still get into ketosis and keep your mass…how much? Try 100 grams per day to start and adjust up or down on how you feel. Peace.


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