Hilarious CrossFit Fails Which Will Crack You Up

Hilarious CrossFit Fails Which Will Crack You Up

Many fitness trends have come and gone, but CrossFit has turned into a movement. CrossFit is gaining popularity and CrossFit gyms are popping up everywhere. CrossFiters go above and beyond in promoting their sport and how awesome it is.

CrossFit is also the butt of many jokes and will possibly continue to be one. The CrossFit athletes don’t follow the typical bodybuilding or powerlifting form while performing exercises and can end up making a fool out of themselves.

Hilarious CrossFit Fails

Box Jumps Aren’t For Everyone

If you use an aerobic stepper for box jumps, make sure it is placed against a wall. Jumping on an unstable platform can make you fall on your face and this man learned it the hard way. You should also use a spotter if in case you fall.

From Kipping to Crippling

You shouldn’t perform the kipping pull-ups on a make-shift pull-up bar. If you’re looking for reasons to never doing kipping pull-ups again, falling on your neck should make it to the list.

Go For a Spin

The snatch has to be one of the hardest exercises. This exercise needs mobility, strength, and explosiveness. If you lack on even one thing, you could end up like the girl in the video.

Your Worst Nightmare

This probably is one of the most brutal clean and jerk fail video you will see in a long time. We’re glad he didn’t bump his head into the mirror. Clean and jerks will never be the same for this guy.


We didn’t think one could ever fall off an assault bike. One thing is for sure, this girl provided a little laughter to the otherwise intense and serious CrossFit environment. The next time you’re on an assault bike, try going as hard as this girl but avoid the fall.

Another One Goes Down

You should be extra careful while going for a PR on compound exercises like the snatch. When people learn how to execute these movements, they should also be taught how to escape a lift if they’re failing it.

I’ll Never Let You Go

This guy is the perfect friend. He’ll never leave you in times of needs and will take the fall for you. But seriously, why didn’t he just drop the weights? The guy in the video isn’t probably going to do snatches for a long time.

The Most Watched CrossFit Fails Video On The Internet

This video has 20 million views on YouTube. This compilation has clips of possibly everything that could go wrong in CrossFit. If you’re looking for a video which will keep you away from the gym, you have found it.

While some of the clips are hilarious, the others are brutal. Most of the CrossFit exercises are compound movements and should be performed with caution. If you’re a beginner, make sure you have someone to guide and spot you at every time.

We hope you had fun watching these videos. Stay safe in and out of the gym.

Have you ever tried CrossFit?

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