5 Fitness Hotties You Need To Follow On Instagram

Hotties You Need To Follow On Instagram

Instagram’s number of daily active users wouldn’t be anywhere near what they are today if it wasn’t for the beautiful girls willing to share their pictures with the world. Guys and girls alike check the Insta feeds of these fit athletes throughout the day just to check what’s up with these beauties.

Instagram celebrities are great at establishing a personal connection with their followers by sharing personal and intimate pictures. So much so that their followers are always wondering what will happen next and are hooked to their phones to find out.

Instagram does for these internet celebrities what ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ does for the Kardashian family. Now with the introduction of Instagram Stories, you can get a healthier dose of these fit girls.

5 Hotties You Need To Follow On Instagram –

1. Ana Cheri

Ana Cheri was one of the first ‘fitness’ people on Instagram. She has 10.3 million followers on Instagram which are growing with every passing second. Ana has also been a Playboy Playmate and is always working with big names in the fashion and modeling industry.

Ana Cheri is committed to the fit lifestyle and owns a gym with her husband. If you’re a fan of bikini clad models, you don’t need to look any further. Ana has an hourglass figure which she isn’t afraid to show off.

2. Paige Hathaway

Paige is arguably one of the hottest girls on Instagram. She has 4 million followers on the app who she keeps entertained throughout the day with her multiple posts and stories. Paige is constantly challenging the assumption that muscular girls aren’t hot.

Hathaway isn’t just a pretty face, she is an entrepreneur who is trying to make it big in the world of fitness and business. This is evident by her appearance on the #AskGaryVee Show with the famous Garry Vaynerchuk.

3. Anlella Sagra

YOU OWN IT? (Who's ready to WORK FOR IT?) – Ph. @samuellathrop Gym. @bodyandsoulboxinggym –

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Anlella is a Colombian beauty with 9 million followers. Her dimples, perfectly crafted physique and golden hair will make you fall in love with her. Anlella has the girl next door look which can make you feel an instant connection with her.

Expect yourself to push your girlfriend to start working out after you follow her. Sagra also has some of the most brutal workouts when it comes to core training. It is no surprise she has some of the best washboard abs you will ever see.

4. Amanda Lee

In a world where you can be anything, be kind ?

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Amanda is another hourglass physique on the list. Her figure will make you thank the goddess of curves. Amanda’s rear resembles the peach emoji as if it was made keeping her in mind. The admirers of perfectly crafted buttocks can never have too much of her.

In an article by Inc, it was reported Amanda earns around $5,000 per Instagram post. It was none other than Amanda herself who revealed the number. This article was published when she had 4.5 million followers, and now she has 9.8 million. Go, figure.

5. Sara Underwood

In the desert thinking about dessert. ? by @stevebitanga

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Follow Sara for her perfectly edited pictures, backdrops and her chiseled figure. Underwood is a wanderer and you can find her exploring exotic places, in equally exotic outfits. No matter how great the background is, you can never take your eyes off of Sara.

If you’re planning to take a vacation, following Underwood can prove to be a good idea. Sara has one of its kind Instagram handles. There aren’t a lot of hot girls in the travel space. Satisfy your wanderlust by following her on Instagram.

Who, according to you, is the hottest girl on Instagram?

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  1. Or instead of wasting your time following useless people whose sole claim to usefulness is their temporary looks you can follow something or someone who can help you climb higher yourself in society or improve yourself.


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