How Your Favorite Bodybuilders Celebrated Thanksgiving

Let’s take a look at how some of the top bodybuilders in the world celebrated Thanksgiving!

The sport of bodybuilding requires some serious dedication and support. Many athletes credit their success to their families back at home. Around this time of year is when everyone can truly take the time to acknowledge and celebrate.

With Thanksgiving behind us, that means Christmas and New Year’s are right around the corner. Before we move into the month of December, let’s take a look at how some of the top bodybuilders in the sport celebrated Thanksgiving.

Brandon Curry

Brandon Curry has built one of the best physiques in the sport today. In 2019, Curry rose to the top by winning both the Arnold Classic and Olympia. In each of the last two years, Curry has finished as the runner-up during the most important competition of the year. Bodybuilders can certainly put down an impressive amount of food throughout the day, which makes Thanksgiving even better. Curry spent the holiday in Murfreesboro, TN, where he admitted that his wife, Brandy, does the cooking.


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Terrence Ruffin

It ws quite the year for Terrence Ruffin. He was able to get over the hump and win the Arnold Classic before finishing second to Chris Bumstead in the Olympia once again. The Classic Physique division is one that is beginning to take over and have some of the best competitors in the world. Ruffin is right at the top. On Thanksgiving Day, Ruffin celebrated in his home state of Alabama surrounded by family.

Hunter Labrada

Hunter Labrada continues to be one of the fastest-rising stars in bodybuilding. This was proven with his fourth-place finish during this year’s Olympia. He was seen celebrating with his daughter on stage after winning the Chicago Pro back in July and that is exactly how he spent the holiday at home with his family.

Regan Grimes

Regan Grimes has been on a roll since hiring a new trainer following the Olympia. He already earned qualification to the 2022 show with a victory at the KO Pro Egypt. Grimes is no stranger to traveling in order to build the best physique he can. Grimes has been seen around the world training in different areas and Thanksgiving was no different. He spent the holiday in Cancun but continued to focus on cardio, training, and diet.


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Andrea Shaw

The reigning two-time Ms. Olympia champion made sure to remember those who we have lost in bodybuilding this year. Shaw posted a picture with the word “thankful” displayed in front of candles reminding everyone to keep those in mind. Shaw specifically tagged George Peterson, Shawn Rhoden, and Jennifer Hernandez.


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Ronnie Coleman

The dedication that we mentioned above, there might not be a better example than Ronnie Coleman. The eight-time Olympia champion was at the top of the sport for over a decade in his prime. At 57 years old, Coleman is still crushing the gym and working to improve his physique. Do you think it would be any different on Thanksgiving?


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Jennifer Dorie

The Bikini division has turned into one of the biggest in bodybuilding. This was on display during the Olympia with many competitors from all over the world taking the stage. Jennifer Dorie had an impressive year by winning the Arnold Classic followed by the Olympia just two weeks later. On her Instagram story on Thursday, Dorie shared all of the activities done to celebrate. This includes a big meal and decorating gingerbread houses.

Juan Morel

Juan Morel began weight training at 22 years old and quickly gained a passion for bodybuilding. During his career, he put together victories at some big-time shows such as the New York Pro and Toronto Pro. On Thanksgiving, Morel spent the day with family.


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Whitney Jones

Whitney Jones regained her Olympia title this year after finishing third in 2020. Jones is a three-time Olympia Fitness champion with plenty more to give. She has a chance to win once again in 2022 and will be one of the favorites on stage. On Thanksgiving, Jones shared a picture in the middle of her two sons. She took the time to give thanks and giving a call-to-action for all to enjoy time with family.

Lauralie Chapados

There is a clear top-tier in the Bikini division and Lauralie Chapados is part of it. She proved it by finishing at the runner-up to Dorie during the Olympia. Chapados continues to improve each time she steps on stage. This year, it was her very first time celebrating Thanksgiving, which she shared in her Instagram story. Chapados spent the day at the house of the family of her boyfriend, Aldo Paredes. He also took to Instagram to shared that it was Chapados’ first Thanksgiving but also the first time she is tasting his mother’s food.

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