How to avoid injury in and out of the gym.

Like any professional athlete, injury can have a major impact on someone’s career. When every single competition, game, or match is on the line… it’s not something an athlete, especially a bodybuilder, can take lightly. But this goes deeper than your training habits in the gym. Sure, if you train incorrectly you risk gaining an injury – but even activities outside of the gym can not only put a bodybuilder at risk but in a really stupid way. It’s one thing to get injured during the strain of an intense workout… it’s completely different if you break a leg jumping off the roof of your house doing an “insane stunt.” Okay, so that might be a little over the top – but you get our meaning. Phil Heath also understands this and goes into great detail of how injury prevention effects more than the gym or the stage – but into every facet of day-to-day life. Watch the never-before-seen clip above.

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